This is a civil parish, comprised within the limits of Cumberland ward, Carlisle county court, and rural districts, and poor law union; county council electoral division of Stanwix, and the petty sessional division of Cumberland ward. This district contains some 1,169 acres, which formerly possessed the privilege of being in no way subject to any parish, and therefore free from all ecclesiastical imposts, and was called extra-parochial. Since 1841 it has been

included, for church purposes, in Houghton ecclesiastical district. It is bounded on the north by Rockcliffe parish, on the west by Cargo township, on the south by that of Stanwix, and on the east by Houghton. The ratable value is 2,973, and population in 1891, 574. A light blackish soil, incumbent on a bed of clay, prevails throughout the parish. The clay is largely used for the making of bricks, the manufacture of which has been carried on for a great many years and gives employment to a number of the inhabitants. "Kingmoor," says Hutchinson, "was formerly vested in the Crown, the citizens, or Corporation of Carlisle, having a prescriptive right to depasture their cattle and get turves thereon, which right was confirmed to them by the charter of Edward III, and the subsequent ones granted by most of the other kings and queens of England, down to Charles II. In 1682, the Corporation leased out part of this moor for their lives, at a small rent, and so from time to time granted other parts thereof in like manner, which leases were regularly renewed on the dropping of one or two of the lives, on payment of 20s., as a fine for every new life. The whole of the moor hath been thus held ever since, except Mr. Lamb's, the principal estate, of which the Corporation granted the fee about fifty years ago (this was written in 1796)- In the year 1792, some of the freemen of this corporation being disposed to revive the exercise of their rights of common pasture, an action-at-law was commenced thereof, which was argued at the assizes held at Carlisle the year following, and determined in favor of the occupiers or lessees of the Corporation." The principal landowners are: - C.B. Lamb, Esq., Tadcaster Hall, York; G.H.Oiiphant-Ferguson, Esq.; James Watt, Esq., Knowefield; and the Carlisle Corporation.

The village of Kingstown is situated on the high road leading to Scotland, two miles north of Carlisle. There has been a school here for many years past; it was enlarged in 1898 at a cost of 400, and has now accommodation for 130 children. Adjoining is the master's house. A church service is held in the school on Sunday evenings. The Stanwix cemetery, used for parishioners only, is situated in this parish, on the high road between Kingstown and Moorville.

For a long period the freemen of Carlisle held their guild races upon the moor, but these, with many other rights and privileges have disappeared.


Bulmer's History & Directory Of Cumberland, 1901

06 June 2007

Steve Bulman