Middlesceugh and Braithwaite

Formerly included in the parish of St. Mary, Carlisle, is now a separate parish for all civil purposes, while for ecclesiastical matters it is included in Ivegill, or Highhead (which see). It includes two hamlets which have given it a name, and is situated in Cumberland ward; Leath ward petty sessional division; the county council electoral division of Hesket; and the poor law union and rural district of Penrith. The manors of Middlesceugh and Braithwaite are within its limits, the former belonging to Sir H.R. Vane, Bart., and the latter to Lord Brougham, who are also the largest landowners. Other proprietors of the soil are Jonathan Fisher, Ivegill; William Pollock, Caldbeck; W.S. Richardson, Upperby; and Dr. Atkinson. This place was within the limits of the ancient forest of Inglewood, once the hunting ground of Royalty, and the wooded lands of Middlesceugh are still noted places for fox hunting. The area covered by the parish is 1,994 acres, of which the gross rental is 1,775; the ratable value of the land, 1,308; and of the buildings, 299; and the population, 171.


Bulmer's History & Directory Of Cumberland, 1901

30 July 2006

Steve Bulman