For civil purposes forms a distinct parish, but for all ecclesiastical matters is comprised within that of Wigton. It covers an area of 2,878 acres, valued for rating purposes at 2,846; gross estimated rental, 3,154; and has a population of 317. A considerable portion of the land is occupied by a bog called Wedholme Flow, forming a bed of turf about thirteen feet in depth. At the bottom are frequently found hazel nuts, a circumstance which shows that a great change has taken place in the physical features of the district since they dropped ages ago from the leafy boughs on which they grew. The soil in the other parts of the parish is of a varied character, producing good crops of wheat and oats. Martin Tarn, a small lake about a mile in circumference, is in this parish.

The manor of Oulton appears to have been held in early times by the Dalston family. This line became extinct by the death of Sir George Dalston, after which the manor of Oulton was sold to — Watson, Esq. It is now the property of Mr. Swan, of York, for whom a customary court is held in the parish. The following are also landowners: - E.J. Percy, Esq., the Exors. of Martin Todd, Messrs, Lindow, the Exors. of Thomas Jackson, Daniel Barnes, the Exors. of John Barnes.

The village of Oulton is pleasantly situated two miles N. by W. of Wigton, Here is a Primitive Methodist Chapel, erected in 1722 as a Baptist Chapel, and rebuilt in 1832. An endowment of 24 a year was attached to it on the condition that service should be held in it once a month, and be attended by at least three professed Baptists; should the number fail, Great Broughton was to have the benefit. There have been no Baptists in the place for many years, and the chapel is used by the Methodists. A Church of England school was erected by subscription in 1875. It is a good stone building, attended by about 51 children, and is now under the charge of Mr. William Little. Religious services are occasionally held in it.


Bulmer's History & Directory Of Cumberland, 1901

06 June 2007

Steve Bulman