Until recently a township in Bridekirk, has been constituted a distinct parish for all civil purposes, but regarding matters ecclesiastical, it remains united with Brigham. Within its limits is an area of 1,789 acres, which are assessed for rating purposes at 2,156. The population in 1891, numbered 230. The parish is situated in Derwent ward and petty sessional division; the poor law union and rural district of Cockermouth; the county court district of Cockermouth and Workington; and the electoral division of Bridekirk.

The Manor was granted by Waltheof, son of Gospatric, to Odard, son of Lyulph, whose descendants assumed the local name of Tallentire, and continued to hold the manor through a long period of years. It afterwards came into the possession of the Fletchers, of Cockermouth, from whom it was carried by marriage to the Partis family. It was subsequently purchased of Henry Hopper, Esq., devisee under the will of Fletcher Partis, Esq., by William Browne, Esq. It is now in the possession of James, Duffield, Esq. The other principle landowners are Messrs. Elliot, Joseph Burton, A.T. Martin and R. Allinson.The village of Tallentire is 3 miles N. by W. of Cockermouth, and about half-a-mile N.W. of Bridekirk. It is situated on an eminence, and commands extensive views of the Solway Firth, a portion of Scotland, and the Irish Sea.  The school was built by the late William Browne, Esq., in 1863, and is now the property of a Committee of Management. It is voluntarily supported and is attended by about 30 infants. There, is also a small Congregational Chapel here, built in 1876, with seating accommodation for 150.

It is stated by many residents that a castle once existed at Tallentire, and was stormed and ruined by Oliver Cromwell, but of this there is no authentic evidence.


Bulmer's History & Directory Of Cumberland, 1901

30 July 2006

Steve Bulman