Formerly a township of Wigton, has been constituted a distinct parish for all civil matters, and a large portion of land added to it. It now contains, according to the Ordnance Survey, 3,703 acres, with a gross rental of 8,116; ratable value, 6,975; and population, 290. The hamlets of Aikhead, Dockray, Moorhouse, Kirkland, High Longthwaite, and Moorthwaite are in this parish, which is comprised within Allerdale-below-Derwent ward and petty sessional division, the union, rural and county court districts of Wigton, and the county council electoral division of Westward.

Aikhead, about one and a half miles W. by N. of Wigton, was long the residence of John Rooke, Esq., one of the last of the English Neptunian geologists. He was the author of the "Geology of the Lake District," which appeared in "Mannex's History and Directory of Westmorland," and of various other papers on the same subject. Dockray is situated one and a half miles N. by E. of Wigton, near the confluence of the Wiza and Wampool.

At Rosewain is a National School, established in 1872. The building was originally a barn, but was altered and adapted to educational purposes at a cost of 40. It has an average attendance of 40 children, under the charge of Miss Margaret Gibson.


Bulmer's History & Directory Of Cumberland, 1901

30 July 2006

Steve Bulman