Carlisle Pubs


As can be seen from the list below, there has been a recent trend to re-name many of Carlisle's pubs; these petty acts of corporate vandalism should be discouraged and reversed wherever possible, as they disconnect us from our own local history2.

The recent city pubs are as follows; those built to service the new housing estates of the last several decades, or otherwise of modern foundation, are in italics. A list of permanently closed pubs follows further down. Much additional information has been supplied by Mike Tuer, Pubs Officer of the Solway CAMRA Group.

  • The Apple Tree on Lowther Street has bucked the re-naming trend by reverting back to its original name (in 2013), having spent a good number of years as Pippins.
  • Arroyo Arms, Edgehill Road, Harraby. Opened 23 August 1958.
  • The Auctioneer (part of the Shepherds Inn) on Montgomery Way, Rosehill, opened in August 1974.
  • Australian Bar, Botchergate (better known as Walkabout). In the same view is the Litten Tree.
  • Bar Solo, on the corner of The Crescent and Botchergate.
  • Beehive, Warwick Road. This was damaged in the catastrophic flood of 2005, and significantly extended subsequently.
  • Black Lion, Durdar.
  • Boardroom, Paternoster Row (formerly the Board).
  • Border Rambler, 45-47 Botchergate (formerly the Albion Tavern). The change of name happened circa 1992/3.
  • Border Reiver on Holmrook Road opened in August 1971.
  • Border Terrier Inn on Ashness Drive, Morton Park, opened in August 1967.
  • The Caledonian Inn, Botchergate, after suffering a number of name changes, including Bar Code and CA-1, has happily once again become the Caledonian Inn. Thanks to Karen Storey for Bar Code. After a closure for refurbishment, it re-opened in March 2013.
  • Club Brittania on Lowther Street was previously Club 35 (2008 - 2013), and before that was the Liberal Club.
  • Coach and Horses, Kingstown. A Harry Redfern pub, opened in 1929.
  • Cranemakers, 43 London Road. This had previously been the Theakston (July 1981 - June 1990), and before that, the Carleton hotel. Thanks to Tom Seabury for additional information.
  • Crown Inn, 23 Scotland Road, Stanwix. A Harry Redfern pub, completed in December 1937.
  • Crown Inn, 90 Botchergate.
  • Crown and Thistle Inn, 53 Church Street, Stanwix.
  • Cumberland Inn, 32 Botchergate. Another Harry Redfern pub, completed in September 1930.
  • Currock Inn, Currock.
  • Eaten by Monsters on Devonshire Street opened in September 2013.
  • Fat Fingers (Fats) on Abbey Street opened circa 2006.
  • Foxes on Abbey Street opened in 2010.
  • Gallaghers Irish Bar on St. Nicholas (since 2011) was previously the Golden Lion.
  • The Gilded Lily, Lowther Street, is now a pub/restaurant, occupying the old Gretna Tavern building. One of its many previous guises was Finnegans Wake.  Other names included The Post [not unreasonable this, the building had once been a Post Office], The Shambles, and Churchill's. Dates are Gretna Tavern (1916-79), Shambles (1979-86), The Post (1986-97), Finnegans Wake (1997-2001), Churchills (2003-?).
  • Gosling Bridge on Kingstown Road opened in 1988.
  • Griffin, Court Square, previously a bank, opened in 1999.
  • Harraby Inn, Harraby Grove. Opened in 1949.
  • Hell Below and Co. on Devonshire Street opened in 2012.
  • Horse & Farrier, Wigton Road (replaced an earlier building close by, which is probably the establishment meant in this old verse. Another Harry Redfern pub, it opened in 1929. It has been closed for some years, and its future remains uncertain.
  • Howard Arms, Lowther Street.
  • Joiners Arms on Church Street, Caldewgate, is commonly known as Blue Lugs.
  • Jovial Sailor on Caldcotes was re-built in 1902. It re-opened in 2012 after a two year closure.
  • Kings Head, Fisher Street. A board outside explains a little of the pub's, and Carlisle's, history.
  • Linton Holme, commonly referred to as the Lint. Formerly a hotel, now a pub. It has had a chequered history of late, being closed several times (thanks to Collin for the update).
  • The Litten Tree was one of the many new pubs on Botchergate. In the same view is the Australian Bar. From 2008-12 it was Party Party, and since March 2013, the Church.
  • McQueens on Devonshire Street  opened in 2014.
  • Milbourne Arms at 150 Milbourne Street. This closed in September 2007 and re-opened in June 2008.
  • Mood, Botchergate - thanks to Karen Storey.
  • Museum Inn, 101 Moorhouse Road.
  • The Office, another of the new Botchergate bars.
  • Outrageous on English Street opened in 2013.
  • Redfern Inn, Etterby. The name commemorates Harry Redfern, the architect of many pubs in the State scheme. It re-opened in 2013.
  • Royal Scot, Langrigg Road, Morton Park, usually referred to just as "The Scot". Opened in 1960.
  • Shabby Scholar in Carlyles Court opened 2013.
  • St. Nicholas Arms, 47 London Road. Opened 1921.
  • Sportsman, Heads Lane.
  • The Thin White Duke (since 2010) on Devonshire Street, previously the Glasshouse (2003-8), before that F.T.'s (1999-2003), and before that the Friars Tavern (1879-1999). This was one of the few city pubs which were not State owned.
  • Turf Tavern, Newmarket Road (formerly the Turf Inn). Another view; the steeply sloped roof was originally used as the grandstand for the Swifts racecourse below. The building dates from 1840.
  • White House (since 1996) on Warwick Road (formerly the Crescent). Designed by Harry Redfern, and opened in 1932
    The William Rufus, one of the new crop of Botchergate pubs.
  • Woodrow Wilson, 48 Botchergate. Opened 1998.

Hotels which have/had public bars include

  • Bordergate at the Carrow House Hotel on J42 of the M6.
  • Central Hotel (later called the Central Plaza Hotel), whose cellar bar was known as "The Dive" - always popular with railwaymen. Bar and hotel now closed, though there are plans to re-open it as Carlisle's first 5* hotel.
    County Hotel (since 1990) was closed for many years, but is currently open again. It was built 1894-6 as the Red Lion Hotel. Thanks to Tom Seabury.
  • Crown & Mitre Hotel has two bars.
  • Cumbria Park Hotel on Scotland Road opened as a guesthouse in 1977, and has expanded by buying up adjacent properties.
  • Hallmark Hotel (previously Cumbria Hotel) on the station square is the home of the Carlisle Beer Festival.
  • Swallow Hilltop Hotel opened 1970.

Pubs which have closed within living memory include

Avenue, Central Avenue. Originally a cinema, it opened as the Cosmo in 1962, closing circa 1990, and re-opened as the Avenue. This closed in 2001 and demolished two years later.
Blue Bell Inn (and off-sales), Scotch Street. Closed in 1973. Thanks to Tom Seabury for this one.
Bowling Green, Lowther Street. Closed about 1972, and converted into a probation hostel.
Cumberland Wrestlers Inn, Currock Street. Usually known simply as The Wrestlers. A Redfern pub, opened in 1938, closed in 2000, and subsequently converted into a shop.
Duke of York, Shaddongate - closed in 2000.
, Briar Bank (1975-2006). Demolished in 2012.
Fern Leaf at Todhills, formerly the Highland Laddie, closed in 2009.
Fox and Hounds, Rickergate. Closed in 1960.
Globe Inn, 6 Bridge Street, Caldewgate. Closed 2010.
Goliah (popularly but wrongly Goliath) on Crown Street, closed in 1938.
Green Bank Inn, Carleton (always known locally as the Greeny Bank) closed in 2011.
Green Dragon, Newtown Road - closed 1998 and converted to housing.
Inglewood Forest Inn, Pennine Way, Harraby. Demolished 2010.
Irish Gate Tavern, closed and demolished in 1972 to make way for the inner ring road.
Jesters, 161-3 Botchergate. Formerly the Earl Grey.
The Knight Inn (2003-7) on Milbourne Street, was formerly Biddy Mulligans (1997-2003), and before that, The Woolpack (up to 1997). Has now been converted into flats.
London & NW Railway Inn, James St., closed in 1938.
London Tavern on Alexander Street opened in 1916 and closed in 2007.
Magpie, Botcherby  closed 2013. A shame, it's a fine building - another of Harry Redfern's.
Malt Shovel, Rickergate. Added 2006 - closed as a pub in 2003 and re-opened as an Italian restaurant. Thanks to Tom Seabury.
Maltsters Arms, John Street, Caldewgate. Closed and demolished in 2004.
Nelson Bridge, closed 1971. Thanks to David Allan for this reminder.
Pedestrian Arms, Newtown Road (always referred to as the Peds) was closed in 2012, and demolished in 2014..
Pheasant Inn, Church Street, Caldewgate. Closed in 2000, and re-opened as The Golden Pheasant, a Chinese Restaurant.
Prince of Wales, Denton Street. Closed in 2004 an demolished 2009.
Railway Inn at 104 London Road, was closed in 2005.
Rose & Crown on Upperby Road closed in 2008, and was subsequently demolished. Another Redfern pub.
Waterloo Inn at Aglionby closed in 1999 and was converted into an Indian restaurant.
White Ox Inn, Durdar. Closed 2007.

After the sell-off, the only remaining Carlisle brewery passed through the hands of several new owners, but was ultimately closed; Carlisle must now be unusual for a city of its size in not having a brewery.

I would welcome further information to amend the above story - new pubs, or name changes I might have missed, for example.

See also Cumberland's Breweries.




2. These comments were written some years before Steven Davidson's excellent book "Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 1916" was published. This book shows that the re-naming of pubs has always been happening, and on a scale which has surprised me very much. But I still don't like it !

19 June 2015

Steve Bulman