Carlisle Shipping, 1840



Where Built



Agnes Sloop Glencaple John Sharp The Master
Alfred Schooner Wilton Thomas Dalrymple John Dixon & others
Ann Sloop Maryport Robert Wood The Master
Ann and Mary Smack Salcombe Thomas Radcliffe Peter Irving
Ann and Mary Sloop Maryport Adam Scott Adam Scott
Archer Barque Maryport John M'Matthewson John Archer & others
Blenkinsop Schooner Carlisle James Richardson John Dixon & others
Brittannia Brig Whitehaven James Holliday John Hewitt & others
Caledonia Sloop Kelton James Scott The Master & M. Beswick
Catherine Sloop Alloa Peter Dickson David Anderson
City of Carlisle Steamer Liverpool James Irving Carlisle, Annan & Liverpool Steam Company
Clarence Steamer Dumbarton Thos. A. Maling Carlisle Canal Company
Clio Schooner Maryport William Geddes Carlisle Canal Company
Crown Sloop Bowness James Carruthers The Master & others
Dispatch Galliot Carlisle Francis Carruthers Carlisle, Annan & Liverpool S. Co.
Doddington Sloop Northwich John Watts Carlisle & Liverpool Steam Comp.
Eden Sloop Annan William Glover John Wilson & others
Elizabeth Schooner Fowey John Beattie John Pickering
Friends Schooner Annan John Baxter William Bowman & others
Friendship Wherry Allonby John Folder Wm. Graham & John Musgrave
Fortuna Brig Carlisle Gideon Boyd W. R. Martindale & others
Gamon Galliot Wilton George Weild Carlisle & Liverpool Steam Company
Hope Schooner Maryport Thomas Brown The Master
Industry Wherry Allonby Jonathan Lowes John Lowes
Isabella Schooner Prodsham James Rome Peter Irving & others
Jane Brig Carlisle Tristram Rome W. R. Martindale & others
John Fl Northwich John Irving James Thompson
John Sloop Bowness Joseph Thompson Joseph Robinson
Mary Galliot Garmouth George Carruthers Carlisle & Liverpool Steam Company
Mary Schooner Ulverston David Irving Peter Irving & others
Mary Ann Scott Schooner Maryport William Gowan Mark Thompson
Mary Appleby Barque Hampton Thomas Mackie David Anderson
Margaret Sloop Kelton John Graves The Master
Miss Douglas Schooner Bowness Hugh Davidson William Black & others
Newcastle Steamer Birkenhead Joseph Sewell Carlisle & Liverpool Steam Company
Peace Sloop Wilton John Scott James Thomson
Phœbe Sloop Glencaple Richard Irving Margaret Irving & others
Prosperity Sloop Glencaple Thomas Bruster William Black & others
Prosperity Sloop Glencaple Anthony Radcliff Peter Irving
Rebecca Galliot Garmouth Joseph Shackley Carlisle & Liverpool Steam Company
Rock Sloop Leftwich Thomas Dixon Carlisle, Annan & Liverpool S Co.
Rosina Sloop Whitehaven Anthony Glover John Wilson & others
Royal Victoria Steamer Liverpool John Hudson Carlisle, Annan & Liverpool Steam Company
Shirleywich Fl Wilton James Richardson John Dixon & others
St. Winifrid Galliot Chester John Smith Carlisle, Annan & Liverpool S Co.
Solway Steamer Holyhead Thomas Burton Carlisle & Liverpool Steam Company
Susan Sloop Wilton Samuel Cheshire James Thompson
Thomas Schooner Northwich Robert Slater Mark Thompson
Tryall Sloop Annan Water Foot James Richardson John Wilson & others
William & Nancy Sloop Kelton William Musgrave The Master


 A List Of The Cumberland Shipping, Corrected To February 1840, by William Sawyers, Comptroller Of Her Majesty's Customs At The Port Of Whitehaven


In the original text, the ship type is abbreviated - thus "Sl" - sloop. The abbreviation for "Fl" for the Shirleywich is not given, however. It may be a mis-print for Sl, "Sloop".

23 July 2006

Steve Bulman