Carlisle Street Index, 1847

The abbreviations are as follows - ct, court; gt, gate; gts, gates, ln, lane; pl, place; rd, road; sqr, square; st, street; yd, yard. The order of listing follows that in the directory, and is not stricly alphabetic.

Abbey gts., Paternoster Row
Abbey st., Paternoster Row
Albert sq., Blackfriars st.
Annetwell st., Castle st.
Backhouse ln., Scotch st.
Bailey's ct., Castle st.
Bank ln., Scotch st.
Barley Stack lane, Rickergt.
Barras ct., English st.
Barwise's ct., English st.
Bird in Hand ln., Castle-st.
Black Bull yd., Scotch st.
Blackfriars st., St. Cuthberts lane
Blain's yd., Annetwell st.
Boro' Millfield, Gas Works
Bonnell's ln., English st.
Borough st., Water st.
Botchergate, top of English st.
Bousfield's ln., Scotch st.
Bowman's ln., Bridge st.
Brewery row, Caldew bridge.
Bridge ln., Bridge st.
Bridge st., Caldew bridge.
Brown's ln., Castle st.
Broad Guards, Shaddengate
Brown's row, Water st.
Brunton pl., Warwick rd.
Butcher market, Fisher st.
Burnell's ln., English st.
Caldcoates, Caldewgate
Caldew brow, Caldewgate
Caldewgate, Bridge st.
Caldew terrace, Caldewgate
Canal Basin, Caldcoates
Carlisle ln., Castle st.
Carlisle sq., Blackfriars st.
Carrick's ln., Scotch st.
Carruther's ln., Scotch st.
Castle, Castle ln.
Castle ln., Finkle st.
Castle st., Green market
Cattle market, Eden bridge
Cavendish place, Henry st.
Chapel ln., Willow Holme
Chapel st., Lowther st.
Church st., Caldewgate
Citadel row, English st.
Collier's ln., Court sq.
Corporation road, foot of Rickergate
Court sqr, top of English st.
Coulthard's ln., Scotch st.
Crescent, Lowther st.
Crosby st., Lowther st.
Crown & Anchor ln., Scotch st.
Crown st., Botchergate
Denton hill, Dam side
Denton Holme, Caldewgate [either a mistake, or the commonly used area boundaries have changed radically in the intervening years.]
Devonshire walk, Irishgate brow
Devonshire st., English st.
Donald's buildings, Willow Holme
Drover's ln., Rickergate
Duke st., Shaddengate
Earl st. 15, Henry st.
East st. 31, Botchergate
East Tower st., Scotch st.
Eden st., Spring gardens
Eden terrace, Stanwix
Elliott's ln., Scotch st.
English Dam side, near West Walls
English st., Market pl.
Fairbairn's buildings, Blackfriar's st.
Ferguson's lane, English st.
Finkle st., foot of Castle st.
Fish market, Market pl.
Fisher st., Green market
Friars' court, Devonshire st.
George st., Spring gardens
Gibbon's court, Rickergate
Globe ln., Scotch st.
Grapes' ln., Scotch st.
Green Man lane, Scotch st.
Green Market, Market pl.
Grey Goat lane, English st.
Hall's yard, Jollie's ln.
Harrington ct., West Walls
Head's ln, Blackfriars' st.
Henry st., Lowther st.
Highland Laddie lane, English st.
Highland Laddie ln., Rickergate
Hodgson's ln., Scotch st.
Holme Head, Caldew bank
Irishgate brow, foot of Abbey st.
Irish Dam side, Irishgt. brow
James' yard, Scotch st.
John's ln., Caldewgate
John streets, Caldewgate and Botchergate
Jollie's lane, Scotch st.
Key's ln., Scotch st.
King st., London road
King's Arms lane, English st.
Laws ln., Scotch st.
Lewthwaite's ln., Scotch st.
Lion and Lamb ln., Scotch st.
London rd., Botchergate
Long Island, Watergate ln.
Longcake's ln., Scotch st.
Lonsdale st., Lowther st.
Lowther st., Crescent
Lowthian's ln., English st.
Mainguard, Market pl.
Market pl., English st.
Milburn's buildings, Shaddengate
Murrell hill, Shaddengate
Nanson's lane, Castle st.
Newtown, Caldcoates
Old Bush ln., Scotch st.
Old Grapes ln., English st.
Old Whippery ln., English st.
Pack Horse ln., English st.
Paternoster row, Castle st.
Peascod's ln., English st.
Petterill ter., Warwick rd.
Plume of Feathers court, Scotch st.
Post Office ct., English st.
Princes st., London rd.
Queen's st., Shadden st.
Rennison's ln., Botchergate
Reed's ln., Rickergate
Rickergate, foot of Scotch st.
Ritson's ln., Irishgate brow
Robert st., Water st.
Rosemary ln., Scotch st.
Rowland's ln., Rickergate
Saddle ln., 19 Botchergate
Scotch st., Market pl.
Sewell's ln., Scotch st.
Shaddengate, Caldewgate
Shadden st., Caldewgate
Soceries, Eden side
South George st., Robert st.
South st., London rd.
Sowerby's ln., 39 Botchergate
Spread Eagle yard, head of Castle st.
Spring gardens lane, foot of Lowther st.
Stanwix, n. side of the Eden
Storey's ln., Scotch st.
Studholme's ln., Bridge st.
St. Alban's row, Scotch st.
St. Cuthbert's ln., English st.
St. Nicholas's, London rd.
Swift's row, Rickergate
Theatre ln., English st.
Three Crowns ln., Rickergate
Three Cannons lane, 11 Scotch st.
Union st., London rd.
Union ct., Scotch st.
Victoria st., Lowther st.
Water ln., Court sq.
Water st., Water ln.
Warwick rd., Henry st.
West Walls, from Irishgate brow to the Gaol
West Tower st., Scotch st.
White Hart ln., English st.
White Horse ln., English st.
White Lion ln., English st.
Willow Holme, Caldewgate
William st., 61 Botchergate
Wilson's ct., Castle st.
Wilton rd., Caldewgate
Young's ln., Rickergate


Mannix & Whellan, History, Gazetteer and Directory of Cumberland, 1847

23 July 2006

Steve Bulman