Carlisle's Workhouses

  St. Mary's Workhouse, near Irish-gate brow, was erected in 1785, for the reception of paupers of the four townships of St. Mary's parish within the city, and is a large building, with a spacious yard adjoining. St. Cuthbert's Workhouse, on Harraby Hill, was built in 1809, at the cost of about 4000, including furniture, &c. It is a large square stone building, and stands upon an acre of ground, which was purchased many years ago with a bequest of 20 and parish money. Caldew-gate Workhouse, in Coal-fell Hill, is a plain brick structure, built in 1829-30, at a cost of 750, and since enlarged and altered at a cost of about 300, and is now capable of accommodating 130 paupers.

There has been no new workhouse built for this union, the three old ones being made to do duty in its stead, in the following manner, viz., St. Mary's appropriated for the reception of infirm paupers; St. Cuthbert's for able-bodied paupers, and that at Caldew-gate for children. The union comprises the following parishes, townships, &c.; viz., parishes, Beaumont, Burgh-by-Sands, Crosby on Eden, Dalston, Grinsdale, Kirkandrews, Orton, Rockcliff, Stanwix, Warwick, and Wetherall1; and townships, Blackwell High and Low, Botcherby, Botcher-gate, Brisco, Caldew-gate, Carleton, Cummersdale, Harraby, Kingmoor (hamlet), Ricker-gate2, St. Cuthbert's within, St. Mary's within, Upperby, and Wreay; total, 26. The township of Middlesceugh and Braithwaite, in Saint Mary's parish, are in Leath Ward and Penrith Union.

For the quarter ending June, 1846, there were 2194 paupers belonging to the establishment, viz., 1774 out-door, and 420 in-door paupers. The out-door relief for the same quarter was 1255 12s.; and the cost of maintaining the in-door paupers, was 277 1s., being an average weekly cost of 2s. 7d. per head.

The Board of Guardians consists of 32, of which Joseph Atkinson, Esq. is chairman; Messrs. John Bushby and John Sowerby, vice-chairmen; Mr. James Mounsey, clerk; and John Bell, Esq., auditor. Mr. Wm. Sowerby, treasurer; Joseph Pattinson, John Turner, and Joseph Nixon, relieving officers; Messrs. John Hodgson, Edward Bowman, Henry Armstrong, Wm. Arras, Thomas Tweddle, and John Sewell, medical-officers; James Brown, Christopher Woodall, and John Lancaster, workhouse masters; their wives are matrons; Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Robinson, schoolmaster and mistress; William Burrell, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, and assistant overseer, for St. Cuthbert's district, and Adam Burrell, registrar of births and deaths for St. Mary's district.


Mannix & Whellan, History, Gazetteer and Directory of Cumberland, 1847




1. Wetherall is now Wetheral.
2. Bothcher-gate, Caldew-gate and Ricker-gate are now Bothchergate, Caldewgate and Rickergate respectively.

29 April 2008

Steve Bulman