Diocesan Histories : Carlisle


This book was published in 1889 (at least the edition which I have was, and there is no indication that it is other than the first edition). The author, Richard S. Ferguson M.A., L.L.M., F.S.A, was Chancellor of Carlisle, and a respected local historian. In the original, Ferguson included extensive footnotes, numbered from 1 upwards on each page. I've renumbered these where necessary, by chapter. Ferguson uses a mix of round and square brackets - I've regularised these to round brackets: any comments from myself are placed within square brackets within the text.

Much of the content on the Roman and pre and post-Roman history has been superseded by more modern research. A previous owner of my copy of the book has even written "rot!" in the margins in several places. Such instances will be acknowledged in my comments.

This book has a large number of Latin quotations from medieval charters and the like. At the date of publication, the author will have expected his audience to have at least basic Latin skills. Such is now no longer the case, and if any reader can supply translations, I would be happy to receive them.

Title Page
Chapter I, Preface and Introductory
Chapter II, The Britons and the Romans
Chapter III, Strathclyde
Chapter IV, The Land of Carlisle
Chapter V, The Norman Bishopric
Chapter VI, The Scottish Wars
Chapter VII, A Century and a Quarter of Bishops
Chapter VIII, The Reformation
Chapter IX, Troubles, Restoration and Revolution
Chapter X, The Eighteenth Century
Chapter XI, The Nineteenth Century
Chapter XII, Miscellanea
Chapter XIII, Archæological
Succession of the Bishops of Carlisle, Bishop of Barrow-In-Furness, Priors of Carlisle, and Deans of Carlisle



29 April 2008

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