Farlam Parish

  Is bounded by Brierthwaite1 Forest, Talkin, and Brampton; contains 5,680 acres, rated at 2736 15s., and the small village of Farlam, 3 miles E.S.E. of Brampton. The soil about Milton is light and gravelly; near Kirkhouse and Farlam hall it is loamy; but the whole parish is high, and the surface hilly. Coal is wrought here by James Thompson, Esq., and there is plenty of limestone in the parish, but very little burnt at present. It is divided into the two townships of East Farlam and West Farlam, and contained, in 1841, a population of 1035 souls - of whom, 626 resided in the former, and 509 in the latter. The Church, dedicated to St. Thomas, is a small humble edifice, and was given by Robert de Vallibus to Lanercost priory; but, at the dissolution, was granted to Sir Thomas Dacre, and is now in the patronage and impropriation of the earl of Carlisle, who pays the incumbent 4 13s. a year; but the benefice, which is a perpetual curacy, is now worth about 100 per annum, arising from lands in Bewcastle, purchased by augmentations from queen Anne's bounty, and 200 given by the dowager countess Gower. The parish school receives 10 10s. a year from the earl of Carlisle, who is the principal owner of the soil; and here are a few resident yeomen. Hallbank-gate2 and Kirkhouse are two hamlets in East Farlam township; the former four miles E.S,E. of Brampton, and the latter, where stands the church, is half-a-mile E. of the village. Milton is a small village in West Farlam 1 mile E.S.E. of Brampton.


Mannix & Whellan, History, Gazetteer and Directory of Cumberland, 1847





1. Brierthwaite is now Bruthwaite.
2. Hallbank-gate is now Hallbankgate.

29 April 2008

Steve Bulman