Harrington Shipping



Where Built



Albicore Brig Harrington Thomas Taggart Master & others
Amphion Brig Workington William Little Master & others
Argyle Schooner Leith William Hayton The Master
Alert Brig New Brunswick Benjamin Westray S. Moordaff and J. Thompson
Argus Brig Workington John Cottier Edward Bell & others
Bee Snow Workington John Little Master & others
Betty & Jenny Smack Castletown Thomas Salkeld Thomas Wilson, jun.
Buoyant Brig Whitehaven Matthew Sanley Master & others
Cherub Ketch Harrington Wilfrid Ditchburn Master & others
Elizabeth Brig Harrington Joseph Scrugham Exrs. of Wm. Douglas & others
Emily Brig Dartmouth James Hastings Master & others
Eleanor Brig Carnarvon Harrison Tate Master & others
Fly Brig Recaptured vessel Joseph Hayton Master & others
Fisher Brig Workington John Sewell Robert Cragg & others
Henry Brig Harrington John Makinson Benj. Crosthwaite & others
Hebe Snow Whitehaven John Gibson Edward Irven & others
Hotspur Snow Maryport Thomas Steele John Ditchburn & others
James Ray Snow Maryport Robert Mann Edward Grayson & others
Iris Brig Workington John Taggart William Taggart & others
Lily Brig Harrington William Taggart Master & others
Liberty Brig Workington John Littledale William Littledale & others
Lune Schooner Lancaster Ritson Taggart John Ditchburn & others
Maria Brig Harrington Jonathan Hargrove Exrs. of Peter Ditchburn & others
Minerva Brig Great Yarmouth John Hayton Joseph Scott & others
Mary Brig Southampton Matthew Burgowan Master & others
Mary Brig Kirkaldy Thomas Carter Master & others
Mary Brig Chester John Carr Master & others
Margaret Brig Borrowstoness Joseph Gibson Master & others
Mary Ray Barque Workington Edward Grayson Master & others
Nancy Brig Workington Jonathan Wilson Exrs. of Wm. Douglas & others
Nicholson Brig Whitehaven Joseph Key Wm. Maxwell Johnston & others
Nile Brig Workington Christ. Ferguson James Ray & others
Philomela Brig Harrington Joseph Sprott William Peile & others
Plata Brig Workington Thomas Carr Master & others
Quebec Packet Brig Harrington John Pearce John Ditchburn & others
Robert Brig Workington William Gibson Master & others
Sisters Brig Kirkaldy William Brown Charles Jacques & others
Sally and Ann Brig Kelton (Dumfries) Peter Gibson Master & others
Swift Brig Belfast John Leonard Master & others
sally Brig Whitehaven William Ditchburn Master & others
Tomlinson Brig Maryport William Wallace James Ray & others
Triton Brig Plymouth Barwise Edkin Master & others
Tampica Brig Whitehaven John Winder Master & others
Union Brig Harrington William Hastings Richard Williamson


 A List Of The Cumberland Shipping, Corrected To February 1840, by William Sawyers, Comptroller Of Her Majesty's Customs At The Port Of Whitehaven

28 July 2006

Steve Bulman