The Principal Inhabitants of Carlisle in 1811

In the original text these entries are distributed across four lists, "List of Persons in Business", "List of Butchers Who Attend the Markets in the Suburbs", "List of Persons not in Trade", and a few errata. These have all been combined in this single list, and sorted by Surname, Forename and trade.

Abraham Thomas druggist and tea dealer Caldewgate
Addison Miss Not in trade Annetwell-street
Aikin James wool-comber Denton-hill
Allison Edward butcher Rickergate
Allison Robert tobacconist and grocer English-street
Ancell Robert fish hook and tackle manufacturer Castle-street
Anderson John innkeeper Castle-street
Anderson Miss Not in trade Annetwell-street
Anderson Rev. E. Not in trade Annetwell-street
Anderson and Raper stucco plasterers Castle-street
Andrew John wine and spirit merchant Rickergate
Anson Agnes teacher Castle-street
Anson Thomas gardener and seedsman Shaddongate
Archibald Mrs. Not in trade Caldcots
Archibald Robert boot and shoemaker and innkeeper Nanson's-l, Castle-street
Armstrong Edward boot and shoemaker King's Arms-lane, English-street
Armstrong Francis spirit dealer and grocer Rickergate
Armstrong George butcher King's Arms-lane, English-street
Armstrong Jacob teacher Newtown
Armstrong John Butcher Attends the market at Rickergate
Armstrong John grocer and flour dealer Shaddongate
Armstrong John innkeeper Causeway, Rickergate
Armstrong John innkeeper English-street
Armstrong John wine and spirit merchant and farrier English-street
Armstrong Mary librarian Fisher-street
Armstrong Mrs. innkeeper Rickergate
Armstrong Reginald grocer Botchergate
Armstrong Thomas flour dealer Botchergate
Armstrong Thomas rope-maker Weary Holme, Caldewgate
Armstrong William grocer, spirit dealer and nail maker Botchergate
Ashbridge Robert grocer English-street
Atkinson Christopher flour dealer Botchergate
Atkinson Christopher last and patten maker St. Cuthbert's-lane
Atkinson George flour dealer Botchergate
Atkinson George flour-dealer Annetwell-street
Atkinson J. boot and shoemaker Botchergate
Atkinson J. grocer and flour dealer Caldewgate
Atkinson J. slater Caldewgate
Atkinson M. grocer and flour dealer Caldewgate
Atkinson M. & Co. milliners Rickergate
Atkinson Misses Not in trade Fisher-street
Atkinson Mrs. Not in trade Fisher-street
Atkinson Robert innkeeper Rickergate
Atkinson S. Esq. Not in trade English-street
Atkinson Thomas partner in Currock cotton mill English-street
Atkinson William hat manufacturer Botchergate
Backhouse Richard ironmonger Scotch-street
Baird George clock and watch maker Scotch-street
Baird George and Robert ironmongers Rickergate
Baker William innkeeper English-street
Balmer J. flour dealer Castle-street
Barker George flour dealer Botchergate
Barnes E. grocer Caldew-brow, English-gate
Barnes Edward breeches maker Market-place
Barnes James grocer and flour dealer Botchergate
Barnes Mrs. Not in trade Eden-court
Barnes Philip solicitor Eden-court
Barnes William Not in trade Shaddongate
Barnfather Margaret grocer Market-place
Bass William shoemaker Lowthian's-lane, English-street
Batey George cooper English-street
Batey Richard slopseller Scotch-street
Baty Ann teacher Blackfriars-street
Baty Miss Not in trade Botchergate
Baty William coach maker Blackfriars-street
Baxter William grocer St. Alban's-row
Beatie and Ripley last, patten, and clog-makers Keay's lane, Scotch-st.
Beattie George & Co. hat manufacturers Damside, Irish-gate
Beaumont George slater Finkle-street
Beaumont Mrs. Not in trade Castle-street
Beck John China and Staffordshire warehouse Botchergate
Beck John linen and woollen draper English-street
Beck John partner in the new bank English-street
Beck John plumber and brazier Scotch-street
Beck Joseph saddler Botchergate
Beck Robert Butcher Attends the market at Botchergate
Beck Robert innkeeper and butcher Botchergate
Beck Thomas Butcher Attends the market at Botchergate
Beck Thomas innkeeper and butcher Botchergate
Bell Benjamin cooper Rickergate
Bell Jane grocer Rickergate
Bell John gun-maker, &c. English-street
Bell John innkeeper Rickergate
Bell Mrs. Not in trade Fisher-street
Bell Robert grocer Botchergate
Bell Robert innkeeper and farrier Rickergate
Bell Thomas (from Brampton) Butcher Attends the market at Rickergate
Bell William (from Brampton) Butcher Attends the market at Rickergate
Bendle Joseph saddler Rickergate
Bennett Thomas linen and woollen draper English-street
Bennett William joiner Scotch-street
Benson L. innkeeper Rickergate
Benson Thomas, Esq. Not in trade Castle-street
Bentley William foreman of the Carlisle Twist Company's cotton-mill
Beswick Charles and Sons muslin manufacturers John-street, Caldewgate
Birkett John Not in trade Castle-street
Black James stay maker Scotch-street
Blacklock Thomas boot and shoemaker Market-place
Blamey Daniel hat-dealer Scotch-street
Blamire John grocer Market-place
Blamire Thomas M.D. Castle-street
Blaylock Elspeth flour dealer English-gate
Blaylock John joiner Caldewgate
Blaylock Joseph muslin and gingham manufacturer Water-lane
Blaylock Sarah innkeeper Rickergate
Blaylock Thomas tobacconist and grocer Scotch-street
Blow John solicitor Rickergate
Boak Matthew tax office Fisher-street
Bone George tailor Shaddongate
Bonnell James druggist and tea dealer English-st. - Globe Fire Office
Bousfield Ann milliner Scotch-street
Boustead James land-surveyor, &c. Cumrenton, and at Mr. T. Boustead's Scotch-street
Boustead Jane butcher Blackfriars-street
Boustead John innkeeper Botchergate
Boustead John innkeeper and butcher Botchergate
Boustead Robert saddle, harness, and trunk maker Scotch-street
Boustead Rowland butcher Blackfriars-street
Boustead Thomas tanner Scotch-street
Boustead Thomas tax office Fisher-street
Bowes John butter and ham dealer Market-place
Bowes Miss Not in trade Abbey-street
Bowman Dinah flour dealer English-street
Bowman Edward innkeeper St. Cuthbert's-lane
Bowman John whitesmith Rickergate
Bowman R. joiner and cabinet maker Blackfriars-street
Bowman William yeast brewer Scotch-street
Bownes Edward druggist, &c. Rickergate
Bowser Ann confectioner Fisher-street
Boyd William butcher Castle-street
Bradley Ann bread baker Jollie's-lane, Scotch-street
Briden John boot and shoe-maker Scotch-street
Brodie James butcher Irish-gate
Brodie James, Esq. Not in trade George-street
Brown Charles agent to the Atlas Fire-office Castle-street
Brown John agent to the Eagle Fire-office Caldewgate
Brown John grocer Market-place
Brown John innkeeper Blackfriars-street
Brown John innkeeper English-street
Brown John skinner Caldewgate
Brown Joshua innkeeper Nanson's-lane, Fisher-street
Brown Mrs. Not in trade Castle-street
Brown Pamela teacher Shaddongate
Brown Thomas breeches maker and glover Market-place
Brown William butcher St. Cuthbert's-lane
Brown William innkeeper Old Grapes-lane
Bulman James grocer and flour dealer Caldewgate
Bunyan Robert builder Botchergate
Burgess John boot and shoemaker Spring-garden-lane
Burn William shoemaker and ironmonger Scotch-street
Burrow B. milliner Market-place
Burrow and Holliday winnowing-machine-makers Scotch-street
Burton John Butcher Attends the market at Botchergate
Burton John butcher Botchergate
Bushby Joseph innkeeper and joiner Ferguson's-lane, English-street
Cail William innkeeper Fisher-street
Caldwell Thomas shoemaker, and clerk to St. Mary's Castle-street
Cannel John saddle and harness maker Scotch-street
Carlyle Misses Not in trade Abbey-street
Carlyle Robert drawing master Castle-street
Carlyle Thomas Not in trade Castle-street
Carr William China and Staffordshire warehouse Scotch-street
Carrick David and Son bankers Scotch-street
Carrick Thomas grocer Botchergate
Carrick Thomas & Co. timber merchants Annetwell-street
Carrick William hat manufacturer Caldew-brow, English-gate
Carruthers Jacob boot and shoemaker Scotch-street
Carruthers James cow-keeper and grocer Spring-garden-lane
Carruthers John horse dealer and innkeeper Stanwix
Carruthers Reginald joiner and cabinet maker Spring-garden-lane
Carruthers Richard butcher East walls
Carruthers William solicitor Rickergate
Cartmel James tanner Damside, Irish-gate
Cartmel Turner tanner Damside, Irish-gate
Cayton Isabella teacher East walls
Charleton Edward miller Caldew-brow, English-gate
Chirney John draper Scotch-street
Chirney John Not in trade English-street
Christopherson John auctioneer and commission broker Castle-street
Christy John innkeeper Castle-street
Clark Joseph grocer and cheese monger Scotch-street
Clarke Mrs. and Miss Not in trade English-street
Clarke Robson bleacher St. Cuthbert's-lane
Cliffe Henry cotton twist mill, and muslin manufacturer West Walls
Cochraine Mr. Not in trade Fisher-street
Coleman Thomas armourer Irish-gate
Collins Mrs. Not in trade Scotch-street
Comerford John innkeeper and auctioneer Irish-gate
Comming John supervisor of excise Scotch-street
Coneton William innkeeper Botchergate
Connell John cotton-wool merchant Fisher-street
Corry J. butter and ham dealer Scotch-street
Cowen Jacob manager and partner in the Currock cotton-mill
Cowen James stay maker Grapes-lane, Scotch-street
Cowen, Heysham & Co. cotton twist mill Currock, near Botchergate
Cowing John tailor Fisher-street
Cowper Rowland linen and woollen draper Scotch-street
Craig James cattle dealer Eden-court
Craig William gardener Drover-lane, East Walls
Crean Mrs. an academy for young ladies (opens Jan. 21) English-street
Creighton F. innkeeper Scotch-street
Creighton James dyer Weary-holm
Creighton James joiner and cabinet maker Keay's-lane, Scotch-street
Creighton William butcher Scotch-street
Creighton William surgeon Abbey-street
Culbertson J. whitesmith Abbey-street
Cumpston John chair maker Abbey-street
Cust Richard, Esq. Not in trade Fisher-street
Dacre Miss Not in trade Annetwell-street
Dacre Mrs. and Miss Not in trade English-street
Dalston Jonathan upholsterer Jollie's-lane, Scotch-street
Dalton John clog-maker Caldewgate
Dalton Tamer butcher Rickergate
Darnley James manufacturer Blackfriars-street
Davidson Alexander reed maker Market-place
Davidson John shoemaker Caldewgate
Davidson Mary innkeeper English-street
Davidson Thomas baker Castle-street
Davidson Thomas reed maker St. Cuthbert's-lane
Davis James toll-bar keeper Botchergate
Dennison Henry gardener, seedsman and innkeeper English-street
Dent Jane linen draper and milliner Market-place
Dent Thomas joiner and cabinet maker Blackfriars-street
Dickinson Rev. Not in trade Abbey-street
Dixon J. M. Not in trade Holm-foot, Caldewgate
Dixon Mrs. Not in trade Shaddongate
Dixon Thomas rope maker Newtown
Dobinson Miss Not in trade Castle-street
Dobinson Mrs. Not in trade English-street
Dobinson William solicitor English-street
Dodgson Henry innkeeper and cabinet-maker Blackfriars-street
Donald Jonathan Not in trade Caldewgate
Donald Joseph grocer Caldewgate
Donald William, Jun. muslin manufacturer Weary-holm
Donald William, sen. Weary Holm, Caldewgate
Donaldson I. boot and shoemaker Finkle-street
Douglas E. straw hat maker Castle-street
Dow J. ladies' shoe maker Botchergate
Duckett David pawn broker English-gate
Duckett David, Jun. joiner and innkeeper Caldew-brow, English-gate
Dundas James cattle dealer English-street
Dunlop James gardener and engineer Denton-holm-foot
Dunn John innkeeper Castle-street
Eccles William muslin manufacturer Botchergate
Edgar P. innkeeper and butcher Botchergate
Edgar R. grocer and tailor Caldewgate
Elleray Thomas innkeeper Caldewgate
Elliot T. M.D. Fisher-street
Elliot Margaret innkeeper Scotch-street
Elliot Richard grocer Caldew-brow, English-gate
Elliot William boot and shoemaker Caldewgate
Elliot and Foster bankers Scotch-street
Ellwood --------------------- Butcher Attends the market at Rickergate
Embleton Wm. Not in trade Caldcots
Ewart Mrs. Not in trade George-street
Fairbairn James mail coach contractor English-street
Fairbairn Mrs. M. Not in trade English-street
Farish Miss Not in trade Castle-street
Farley William Butcher Attends the market at Botchergate
Farley William butcher and innkeeper Botchergate
Faulder Joseph dyer and bleacher Damside, Irish-gate
Faulder, Donald and Forster iron founders Weary-holm
Fawcett Rev. J. Not in trade Stanwix
Fawcett Rowland land-surveyor, Scaleby, and at the Blue Bell, Scotch-street
Fedden William (from Dalston) Butcher Attends the market at Rickergate
Ferguson Richard Not in trade English-street
Ferguson R.G. and Co. hat manufacturers George-street
Ferguson Robert and Son Irish linen warehouse Fisher-street
Ferguson Thomas grocer Rickergate
Ferguson William tailor Caldewgate
Ferguson and Co. cotton twist mill Warwick
Ferguson and Sowerby timber merchants George-street
Fergusons and Dixons muslin and check manufacturers English-street
Fielding Frederick F. artist in oil and water colour painting English-st.
Findlay James nursery and seedsman St. Alban's-row, --- Shakespeare Tavern, Spring-garden-lane
Fisher Thomas perfumer and wig maker Fisher-street
Fisher Mary dyer Denton-holm
Fitzgerald John grocer Annetwell-street
Fleming James grocer Market-place
Fleming John surveyor of taxes Coulthard's-lane, Scotch-street
Fleming Joshua joiner and cabinet maker Scotch-street
Fletcher Alexander gardener Caldewgate
Forrester Mrs. Not in trade St. Cuthbert's-Lane
Forster Edward innkeeper Rickergate
Forster James justice of the peace Castle-street
Forster James, Thomas, and John bankers Castle-street
Forster John clock maker English-street
Forster John joiner and cabinet maker Lowthian's-lane, English-street
Forster John Not in trade Newtown
Forster John and Sons muslin and check manufacturers Fisher-street
Forster John, jun. Not in trade Castle-street
Forster Joseph Not in trade Castle-street
Forster Joseph (from Little Corby) Butcher Attends the market at Rickergate
Forster Joseph, jun. Not in trade Castle-street
Forster Misses Not in trade Castle-street
Forster Mrs. Not in trade Blackfriars'street
Forster Mrs. Not in trade Castle-street
Forster, James, Wastell, Donald and Co. calico printers Cummersdale
Foster Joseph fish monger St. Alban's-row
Foster Wilfrid innkeeper Caldewgate
Foster William draper Rickergate
Gaddes Joseph clog maker Court-row, English-street
Gale Miss Not in trade Abbey-street
Gash Matthew tailor King's Arms-lane, English-st.
Gate Wilfred builder Botchergate
Glendining Andrew innkeeper Scotch-street
Glendining Hector blacksmith Old Grapes-lane, English-street
Geyller Isabella ladies' boarding school Pater-noster-row
Gibbons James butcher English-street
Gibbons John linen and woollen draper Rickergate
Gibbons Thomas innkeeper Irish-gate
Gibbons William butcher English-street
Gibson John innkeeper Scotch-street
Gibson Thomas boot and shoemaker Rickergate
Gilchrist Robert innkeeper Botchergate
Giles Mrs. And Misses Not in trade Scotch-street
Gilkerson James innkeeper Rickergate
Gill J. tailor St. Cuthbert's-lane
Gill Mrs. Not in trade Botchergate
Gilpin Joseph Dacre Appleby M.D. Castle-street
Gilpin Miss Not in trade Annetwell-street
Glaister Dinah confectioner and grocer Fisher-street
Gosselin Col. George Not in trade Fisher-street
Graham Ann confectioner Castle-street
Graham George innkeeper Rickergate
Graham J. draper English-street
Graham John joiner, cabinet maker and feather dresser Abbey-street
Graham Joseph innkeeper Jollie's-lane, Scotch-street
Graham M. R. and J. dress makers English-street
Graham Mr. Wm. Not in trade Grapes-lane
Graham Mrs. Not in trade Castle-street
Graham Mrs. M. Not in trade Stanwix
Graham Robert butcher St. Cuthbert's-lane
Graham Simon bread baker Scotch-street
Graham Thomas spirit merchant Old Bush-lane, Scotch-street
Graham William Butcher Attends the market at Rickergate
Graham William draper and slopseller Scotch-street
Graham William grocer and cheesemonger Market-place
Graham William grocer and flour dealer Irish-gate
Graham William innkeeper Blackfriars-street
Graham William innkeeper St. Cuthbert's-lane
Graham William land-surveyor, &c. Mosside, Kirklinton, and Coffee-house, Carlisle
Graham, Ramshay, & Co. bankers English-street
Grainger Henry grocer and flour dealer Castle-street
Grisdale Mark cartwright Botchergate
Grisdale Rev. Browne, D.D. justice of the peace Abbey-street
Gunn Alexander tailor Old Grapes-lane, English-street
Hall John tailor Globe-lane, Scotch-street
Hall Joseph innkeeper and boot and shoemaker Botchergate
Halliburton Adam currier Scotch-street
Halliburton Mrs. innkeeper Stanwix
Halton Capt. J. Not in trade Botchergate
Halton William partnet in the Mains cotton mill English-street
Harrington John leather-dresser Damside, English-gate and Market-place
Harrington Robert M.D. Abbey-street
Harrington Thomas innkeeper Fisher-street
Harrington Wm. Not in trade Rickergate
Harrison Joseph stay maker Castle-street
Harrison Lancelot ironmonger and gunsmith Rickergate
Harrison Richard shoemaker and toyman Annetwell-street
Hartley R. S. Rev. Not in trade Abbey
Hartley Rev. R. S. master of the grammar school Abbey
Harvey William pawn broker English-gate
Haugh George brewer Water-lane
Haugh John upholsterer and brewer English-street
Haugh William Not in trade Stanwix
Head J. M. grocer and stamp distributor, agent to the Royal Exchange Insurance-office Botchergate
Hebron R. grocer Caldewgate
Hebson Daniel cotton twist mill Buckabank
Hebson John banker English-street
Henderson Alfred printer and bookseller Market-place
Henderson J. surveyor of taxes Fisher-street
Henderson John linen draper; agent to the Sun Fire-office Scotch-st.
Henderson Joseph innkeeper Market-place
Henderson Rev. A. Not in trade Scotch-street
Henry Joseph butcher English-street
Heslop Thomas grocer and flour dealer Rickergate
Hetherington J. grocer and flax dresser Rickergate
Hetherington Robert tailor Old Grapes-lane, English-street
Hetherington William linen and woollen draper Botchergate
Heward James and Son tailors Scotch-street
Heward James, Jun. tailor Market-place
Heward J. H. draper Castle-street
Heward Thomas tailor Annetwell-street
Hewett John butcher Botchergate
Hewitt Robert innkeeper Stanwix
Hewson John check manufacturers Spring-garden-lane, Rickergate
Hewson John and Sons muslin and check manufacturers John-street
Hewson and Sons wholesale and retail manufacturers Market-place and Caldewgate
Heysham John M.D., justice of the peace St. Cuthbert's-lane
Hill Hannah innkeeper Scotch-street
Hill Rev. C. Not in trade Scotch-street
Hill Thomas music master and organist Scotch-street
Hind John boot and shoemaker Caldewgate
Hind John Not in trade Rickergate
Hind Martha innkeeper Caldewgate
Hind Matthew shoemaker Market-place
Hind William butcher Caldewgate
Hislop N. milliner Rickergate
Hobson William teacher Water-street, Botchergate
Hodgson Elizabeth grocer Scotch-street
Hodgson Jane dress maker Rickergate
Hodgson Joshua grocer Botchergate
Hodgson Josiah Not in trade Abbey
Hodgson Miss Not in trade Annetwell-street
Hodgson Misses Judith and Susannah Not in trade Scotch-street
Hodgson Mrs. Not in trade Castle-street
Hodgson Mrs. Not in trade Fisher-street
Hodgson Mrs. Joseph Not in trade Castle-street
Hodgson Richard innkeeper St. Cuthbert's-lane
Hodgson Sir Richard and Co. common brewers Caldewgate
Hodgson William solicitor and clerk of the peace Fisher-street
Hodgson Wm. Not in trade King's Arm's Lane
Hodgson and Hayton slaters Rickergate
Hodson Mrs. Not in trade Without the Irish-gate
Holliday Christopher cork cutter East Walls
Holme John grocer and flour dealer Scotch-street
Holme John Not in trade Castle-street
Holme Susannah grocer Castle-street
Holme William and Co. muslin manufacturers Long Island
Holmes Ann innkeeper English-street
Holmes Benjamin innkeeper Scotch-street
Holmes George joiner and cabinet maker Rosemary-lane, Fisher-street
Holmes Isaac Not in trade Botchergate
Holmes Ralph innkeeper English-street
Holstead John draper and slopseller Scotch-street
Holstead Thomas tick manufacturer Castle-street
Hope Edward Not in trade Caldcots
Hope Joseph grocer and spirit dealer Rickergate
Horne John tallow chandler and glass and China shop English-st.
Hornsby John millwright Market-place
Hornsby Mary milliner Market-place
Horsley Edward joiner Caldewgate
Horsley John Lambert basket maker Castle-street
Howe William rope maker Spring-garden-lane, Rickergate
Huddart James butcher Coulthard's-lane, Scotch-street
Huddart John hair dresser and perfumier Scotch-street
Huddart Thomas hair dresser, keeper of weighing machine English-street
Hudson Isaac solicitor English-street
Hudson J. tailor and draper Botchergate
Hudson Thomas Registrar to the Dean and Chapter Abbey
Hudson Rev. Dr. Not in trade Abbey
Hudson Rev. J. Not in trade Stanwix
Hudson Rev. Samuel Not in trade Abbey
Huggins William cooper Scotch-street
Huntington Thomas ironmonger and jeweller English-street
Hutton Benjamin tailor Coulthard's-lane, Scotch-street
Hutton Sarah dress-maker English-street
Hutton Thomas winnowing machine and plough maker Scotch-street
Ireland Joshua M.D. Scotch-street
Irving Catherine straw hat manufacturer and milliner Scotch-street
Irving Edward flour dealer Botchergate
Irving James flour dealer Botchergate
Irving James and Co. blacksmiths Botchergate
Irving John horse dealer Castle-street
Irving John innkeeper English-street
Irving John Not in trade Nanson's Lane
Irving Mrs. Not in trade Fisher-street
Irving Mrs. And Miss Not in trade English-street
Irving Nancy crown and mitre inn Castle-street
Irving Thomas blacksmith Botchergate
Irving William clog maker Caldewgate
Irwin William wine and spirit merchant Fisher-street
Ivison H. senior Not in trade
Ivison Henry clock and watch maker Scotch-street
Ivison Isaac rope maker Newtown
Ivison John clock and watch maker St. Alban's-row
Jackes Edward hosier and grocer Annetwell-street
Jackson John cow-keeper Damside, without the Irish-gate
Jackson Miss Not in trade Castle-street
Jackson Miss Margery Not in trade Scotch-street
Jackson Richard gaoler English-street
Jackson William fish-monger St. Alban's-row
Jackson Wm. comptroller of customs for Port Carlisle Old Bush-lane
Jackson Wm. Not in trade Castle-street
Jacques Joseph manufacturer Caldew-brow, English gates
Jacques Thomas teacher Spring-garden-lane
James Edmund chair maker East Walls
James Hugh M. D. Castle-street
James Jane milliner Scotch-street
James John surgeon Scotch-street
James Joseph boot and shoe and last and patten maker Rickergate
James Misses Not in trade Castle-street
James Robert, jun. Not in trade English-street
James Robert, sen. Not in trade Botchergate
James T. Mr. Not in trade East Walls, English-st.
James and Pears curriers and leather-cutters Scotch-street
Jefferson Jacob innkeeper Caldewgate
Jefferson John hair dresser English-street
Jefferson Miss ladies' boarding school Abbey-street
Jefferson Mrs. Not in trade Castle-street
Jobson Elizabeth innkeeper Castle-street
Johnston Anne innkeeper Fisher street-head
Johnston Jemima innkeeper Castle-street
Johnston John draper Annetwell-street
Johnston Thomas teacher Castle-lane
Johnston William innkeeper Scotch-street
Johnston William manufacturer Rickergate
Jollie F. and Sons printers, booksellers, and Carlisle Journal and state Lottery-office Scotch-street
Joseph Cowan Butcher Attends the market at Caldewgate
Kane Rev. Mr. Not in trade Abbey-street
Keay Mrs. Not in trade Scotch-street
Kerr Thomas grocer and flour dealer Market-place and Caldewgate
King James plumber, brazier, and tinman Rickergate
Kirk William innkeeper Castle-lane
Laidlow William teacher Jollie's buildings, Scotch-gate
Lamb Robert butcher King's Arms-lane, English-street
Lamb William butcher English-street
Lamb, Hebson, Forster, and Waldie fustian and cotton manufacturers Dalston, and Botchergate, Carlisle
Lambert John grocer English-street
Langcake Anthony Not in trade Castle-street
Langcake John Not in trade Castle-street
Langhorn William grocer Fisher-street
Law Richard solicitor, agent to the British Fire-office Scotch-street
Lawrie Alexander M. D. Abbey-street
Lawrie Alexander Not in trade Abbey-street
Lawrie Archibald brazier, tinman, and plumber Scotch-street
Lemon John joiner and reed-maker Castle-street
Lewthwaite J. boot and shoemaker Botchergate
Lewthwaite Miss Not in trade Castle-street
Lewthwaite and Lightfoot timber and iron merchants Scotch-street
Liddell H. surgeon English-street
Little Christopher cartwright Botchergate
Little George barrack-master Caldewgate
Little John baker Castle-street
Little John blacksmith Botchergate
Little John teacher Castle-street
Lodge Mrs. Not in trade Abbey-street
Lofthouse Edward chemist and druggist Fisher-street-head
Lonsdale John tallow chandler and iron-merchant Scotch-street
Lonsdale Thomas boot and shoemaker Caldewgate
Losh John manager of Losh and Co's printfield English-street
Losh John and Co. calico-printers Denton-holm
Losh John and Co. common brewers Shaddongate
Losh Mrs. Not in trade English-street
Losh Thomas, jun. Not in trade English-street
Losh Thomas, sen. partner in the above mentioned printfield Caldew-brow
Lowes James engraver Scotch-street
Lowes Robert wine and brandy merchant, and tea dealer Scotch-street
Lowies Joseph innkeeper King's Arms-lane, English-street
Lowry John Manchester and Glasgow warehouse Castle-street
Lowry Misses Not in trade Castle-street
Lowry Richard solicitor Castle-street
Lowthian Mrs. Not in trade English-street
Magnay Robert blacksmith and farrier East Walls
Mark Thomas joiner John-street, Caldewgate
Marsden William machine and steam loom-maker Damside, English-gate
Marshall Rev. J. Not in trade Blackfriars'street
Marshall Robert Not in trade Abbey-street
Marston Thomas stocking manufacturer, hosier and cotton yarn and commission warehouse Castle-street (removed from Strong's-lane, Eng.-st.)
Mason Capt. Not in trade Blackfriars'street
Mason and Rennison pipe makers Brown's-row, Water-street
Matthews John grocer Castle-street
Matthews John innkeeper Scotch-gate
Matthews Robert butcher Castle-street
Matthews Robert grocer and pawn broker John-street, Caldewgate
Mattock Robert innkeeper Market-place
Maxwell John tailor Shaddongate
M'Clain Wm. boot and shoemaker English-gate
M'Clennan J. teacher West Walls
M'Connell Mary jeweller English-street
M'Cron J. innkeeper Finkle-street
M'Cutcheon James coach-maker Blackfriar's-street
Mead Mrs. teacher Weary Holm
Mearns Grace straw hat manufacturer Rosemary-lane, Scotch-street
M'Gregor William boot and shoemaker Annetwell-street
Mingins G. partner in Ferguson & Co's hat manufactory Old Grapes-lane
Mitchell John butcher St. Alban's-row
Mitchell William slop-seller Scotch-street
Mitchinson John grocer and flaxdresser Scotch-street
Mitchinson M. bread baker and flour dealer Fisher-street
M'Knight Colin innkeeper Newtown
M'Knight Thomas innkeeper St. Cuthbert's-lane
M'Knight William miller Irish-gate
Monkhouse James and Son clock and watch-makers English-street
Monkhouse John Butcher Attends the market at Rickergate
Moore James pawnbroker English-street
Morgan John linen draper Castle-street
Morley William land-surveyor, &c. Cumwhitton, and at Pack Horse, Carlisle
Moss William bookbinder Peascod's-lane, English-street
Mounsey Major Not in trade Abbey-street
Mounsey Thomas Not in trade English-street
Mounsey and Giles solicitors Castle-street
Mounsey, Lowry, and Co. calico-printers Woodbank
M'Pherson James carver and gilder English-street
Mulcaster James Not in trade Stanwix
Mulcaster Thomas grocer and flour dealer Rickergate
Mullinder John joiner and cabinetmaker Abbey-street
Mullinder William hair dresser and perfumer Market-place
M'Williams & Co. check and cotton-manufacturers Scotch-street
Nanson Henry butcher and innkeeper English-street
Nanson Mary butcher Scotch-street
Nanson Mrs. Not in trade Scotch-street
Nanson Robert Not in trade English-street
Nelson Mary innkeeper Market-place
Nevins Mr. Not in trade Stanwix
Nevison Edward, Esq. Not in trade Castle-street
Nichol Robert grocer and flour dealer Botchergate
Nicholson John blacksmith John's-street, Caldewgate
Nicholson William joiner and cabinet-maker Paternoster-row
Nicholson William silversmith and jeweller Market-place
Nicholson William surgeon Market-place
Nicholson, Warwick and Co. brass and iron founders Botchergate
Nixon G. flax dresser Castle-street
Nixon George blacksmith John-street, Caldewgate
Nixon James innkeeper Rickergate
Nixon Mary confectioner Castle-street
Nixon Paul marble cutter and stone mason Castle-street
Nixon Robert grocer Annetwell-street
Nixon Thomas check manufacturer Caldewgate
Nixon William bleacher and dyer Weary Holme
Norman John land-surveyor, &c. Kirkandrews, and at Blue Bell, Scotch-street, Carlisle
Norman Joseph butcher Grapes lane
Norman Misses dress-makers Fisher-street
Norman Mrs. teacher Globe-lane, Scotch-street
Norman Thomas innkeeper Scotch-street
Norman William solicitor Globe-lane, Scotch-street
Nutter Mrs. painter Scotch-street
Ogelthorpe Joseph innkeeper Botchergate
Overton E. C. Not in trade Stanwix
Owen Thomas Not in trade Rickergate
Owen and Thompson hat manufacturers Irish-gate
Pagan Margaret flour-dealer and grocer English-street
Painter James agent to the Norwich Fire-office Abbey-street
Paley Mrs. And Miss Not in trade Paternoster-row
Palmer Mrs. Not in trade Castle-street
Park Christopher innkeeper Scotch-street
Park Judith milliner English-street
Park Margaret dress-maker Rosemary-lane, Fisher-street
Park Mary straw hat manufacturer Castle-street
Park Robert nailor Water-street, Botchergate
Park William innkeeper St. Alban's-row
Parker Benjamin innkeeper Botchergate
Parker James brewer at the Old Brewery Caldewgate
Parker Joseph Not in trade English-street
Parker Thomas (from Brampton) Butcher Attends the market at Rickergate
Parkins Christopher Not in trade Blackfriars-st.
Parkins Daniel whitesmith Jollie's buildings, North walls
Parkins Jane dress maker Blackfriar's-street
Pattinson Daniel common brewer West Walls
Pattinson Jeremiah sack manufacturer Blackfriar's-street
Pattinson John house painter and glazier Ferguson's lane
Pattinson John joiner and cabinet maker Botchergate
Pattinson Joseph saddler, harness and trunk maker Market-place
Pattinson Rev. J. Not in trade Caldcots
Peal William boot and shoemaker Castle-street
Pears John saddler and trunk-maker Scotch-street
Pears Mr. J. Not in trade Scotch-street
Pearson Henry solicitor Castle-street
Pearson and Son curriers Spring-garden lane
Peascod Joseph butcher and innkeeper English-street
Peascod William brandy merchant English-street
Peil Joseph glazier Castle-street
Penn James dyer Damside, Caldewgate
Pickering Ralph rag and paper warehouse Globe-lane, Scotch-street
Pitt William Not in trade Shaddongate
Pool Henry innkeeper Caldew-brow, English-gate
Porter Mrs. Not in trade Castle-street
Porter Richard, William, and Robert iron and brass founders West Walls
Porter and Co. wood-merchants Scotch-street
Potts Major Not in trade Castle-street
Potts Misses Not in trade English-street
Pow Joseph innkeeper Scotch-street
Pringle John grocer Castle-street
Railton Joseph linen and woollen draper Scotch-street
Randleson Thomas innkeeper English-street
Raper George innkeeper Castle-street
Rawson William Not in trade Fisher-street
Reay John rope maker Newtown
Reed Robert innkeeper English-street
Reice John china warehouse Castle-street
Reid Mrs. Not in trade Castle-street
Reid Peter cotton glazier and innkeeper Blackfriar's-street
Relph Daniel raw hide and skin inspector Scotch-street
Relph John woollen draper Scotch-street
Rennie James boot and shoemaker English-street
Rennie Sarah grocer Botchergate
Rennison James tailor English-street
Richardson James spirit dealer and innkeeper English-gate
Richardson Jasper book-keeper to The Carlisle Twist Company's Cotton Mill Water-lane
Richardson Thomas innkeeper Botchergate
Rigg John linen draper and agent to the Phoenix Fire office Market-place
Ritson Joseph spirit merchant and tallow chandler Annetwell-street
Ritson Thomas innkeeper Botchergate
Roan John innkeeper Rickergate
Robertshaw Ann grocer and flour-dealer Botchergate
Robinson G. woollen draper, agent to the Newcastle Fire-office Scotch-street
Robinson James horse dealer Stanwix
Robinson John Butcher Attends the market at Rickergate
Robinson John plumber and brazier St. Alban's-row
Robinson John saddler and innkeeper Scotch-street
Robinson John solicitor Fisher-street
Robinson John woollen and linendraper English-street
Robinson M. baker Castle-street
Robinson Mary innkeeper English-street
Robinson Mrs. And Miss Not in trade Rickergate
Robinson Thomas butcher English-street
Robinson Thomas grocer Rickergate
Robinson William butcher English-street
Robinson William grocer and flour dealer Caldewgate
Robley J. linen and woollen draper Scotch-street
Robley and Co. muslin starchers Shaddongate
Robson John bleacher Market-place
Robson John shoemaker East walls
Robson and Co. cottom twist mill Weary Holme, Caldewgate
Roland Ann Isabella female academy Fisher-street
Rooke Joseph violin maker Rickergate
Ross William, junior linen and woollen draper Scotch-street
Ross William, senior book-keeper at the New Brewery Caldewgate
Rothwell Edward and Co. cotton twist mill Mains
Routledge John innkeeper Fisher-street
Routledge Nicholas currier and leather-cutter Rickergate
Routledge Sibbie innkeeper Scotch-street
Routledge William Not in trade Caldew-gate
Rowell Jacob tailor Caldewgate
Rowland Edward timber merchant Eden-court
Roy William boot and shoemaker Rickergate
Sagar Richard innkeeper Finkle-street
Sampson John butcher Rickergate
Sampson Mary butcher Jollie's buildings, Scotch-gate
Sanders Captain Not in trade Finkle-street
Sargent Joseph Not in trade Rickergate
Saul David joiner and flymaker Botchergate
Saul Joseph turner, draper, and grocer Annetwell-street, and Rickergate
Saul Silas solicitor Castle-street
Sawer William innkeeper and shoemaker Botchergate
Sawyer Robert baker English-street
Scarrow T. J. and Co. bleachers Harraby
Scarrow Thomas innkeeper English-street
Scarrow Thomas and John spirit merchants English-street
Scott Benjamin printer, bookseller, and dealer in hats English-street
Scott Jane baker Botchergate
Scott John carver and gilder Rickergate
Scott Letitia grocer Paternoster-row
Scott Mary grocer English-street
Scott Walter bread baker Rickergate
Scott Walter grocer Annetwell-street
Scott Walter teacher Water lane, Botchergate and English-street
Scottoe Mrs. And Misses Not in trade Scotch-street
Selby Mary grocer English-street
Sewell George postmaster St. Cuthbert's-lane
Sewell James currier and leather-cutter Old Grapes-lane, English-street
Sewell Mary ironmonger and toyshop English-street
Sewell Richard innkeeper and tea-garden Harraby-hill
Sewell Thomas innkeeper and auctioneer Irish-gate
Sewell William shoemaker Castle-street
Sheffield George innkeeper and horse dealer Caldewgate
Sill Silvester hair-dresser and dealer in hats Rickergate
Simpson Sarah jeweller Castle-street
Skelton John butcher Keay's lane, Scotch-street
Skelton Mrs. Not in trade Fisher-street
Skelton William butcher English-street
Slack Grace milliner Market-place
Slack John pawn-broker and shoemaker Castle-street
Slater J. surgeon and apothecary Castle-street
Slater Miss Not in trade Finkle-street
Slee William mathematician Scotch-street
Smith Jane innkeeper Rickergate
Smith Jane confectioner Rickergate
Smith John surgeon English-street
Smith Leonard collector of customs Scotch-street and Stanwix
Smith Mark tailor Botchergate
Smith William slay-maker Market-place
Snowden Daniel innkeeper Scotch-street
Snowden Thomas joiner and cabinet-maker Botchergate
Sowerby George, jun. house and sign painter and butcher St. Cuthbert's-lane
Sowerby George, sen. butcher King's Arms-lane, English-street
Sowerby John grocer and flax-dresser Rickergate
Sowerby John innkeeper Caldewgate
Sowerby Mrs. Isabella Not in trade Rosemary-lane
Sowerby Richard butcher English-street
Sowerby Thomas innkeeper and shoemaker Irish-gate
Sowerby William tailor John-street, Caldewgate
Spedding David butcher King's Arms-lane, English-street
Stagg R. joiner Castle-street
Stephenson Henry house and sign painter Castle-street
Stephenson John innkeeper Caldewgate
Stephenson M. grocer Rickergate
Stewart Hon. Mrs. And Misses Not in trade Abbey
Stoddart Jos. & Frs. check and cotton manufacturers Finkle-st. & Fisher-st.
Stordy Capt. Robert Not in trade English-street
Stordy Jacob conveyancer Rickergate, and Scotch-street
Stordy Thomas and William curriers Castle-street
Story Jonathan grocer and flour-dealer Shaddongate
Story M. confectioner Scotch-street
Strong J. and T. grocers Market-place
Stubbs Thomas muslin and gingham manufacturer Water-street
Studholm John innkeeper and joiner Caldewgate
Studholm Joseph land surveyor St. Nicholas
Surtees Ralph grocer Botchergate
Sutton John Home and Co. wine and spirit merchant Market-place
Taylor J. painter and glazier Scotch-street
Taylor Richard teacher Rickergate
Thirwall Mrs. Not in trade Abbey-street
Thomas Catherine teacher King's Arms-lane, English-street
Thomlinson John joiner Castle-street
Thomlinson Thomas butcher and innkeeper Castle-street
Thompson Arthur china warehouse Scotch-street
Thompson Carleton flour-seller, and army bread baker Rickergate
Thompson J. painter and glazier Castle-street
Thompson John general broker, and agent to the Kirkby Lonsdale Bank Water-lane, and English-street
Thompson Joseph slater Castle-street
Thompson Ruth teacher Fisher-street
Thompson Stephen surgeon English-street
Tiffin and Elliot whip makers Rickergate
Tinkler Timothy tailor Scotch-street
Topping Henry butcher English-street
Topping Joseph collector of the tolls Old Bush-lane, Scotch-street
Topping Richard innkeeper Caldcots
Topping Thomas hair dresser Market-place
Trimble George innkeeper Rickergate
Turnbull Robert teacher Birkett's-lane, Castle-street
Twentyman Mrs. Not in trade Fisher-street
Twentyman Mrs. Not in trade Caldewgate
Tyson Richard partner in, and manager of, the Old Brewery English-street
Underwood Robert glazier Market-place
Underwood William innkeeper and tea-garden Newtown
Waldie Messrs. Robert, John, and Waldie Miss Not in trade Castle-street
Wales J. nailor Irish-gate
Wales Nathaniel four-dealer Main-guard
Wales R. stocking weaver Irish-gate
Walker James nailor Rickergate
Ward Miss Not in trade Botchergate
Warwick Thomas spirit-merchant and tea-dealer Scotch-street
Watson Thomas & Co. cotton twist mill Hawkesdale, Dalston
Watts J. N. Esq. Not in trade Castle-street
Waugh George saddler, harness and trunk maker Scotch-street
Waugh John Not in trade Castle-street
Waugh Joseph grocer St. Alban's-row
Waugh Joseph Not in trade Castle-street
Waugh Misses Not in trade Abbey-street
Waugh Joseph tailor Market-place
Waugh Thomas timber merchant Castle-street
Wheelwright Mrs. Not in trade Castle-street
Wherlings Jeremiah, Esq. Alderman Not in trade St. Cuthbert's-lane
Wilkie William brazier and tinman Scotch-street
Wilkinson Mrs. Not in trade English-street
Wilson Daniel joiner and cabinet-maker English-street
Wilson Dorothy dress-maker Fisher-street
Wilson Edward horsedealer English-street
Wilson Edward innkeeper English-street
Wilson John butcher East Walls, Scotch-street
Wilson John whitesmith John-street, Caldewgate
Wilson Mrs. innkeeper English-street
Wilson Mrs. Not in trade Eden-court
Wilson Mrs. Catherine Not in trade Castle-street
Wilson Thomas coach proprietor Castle-street
Wilson Thomas innkeeper English-street
Wilson W. manufacturer Shaddongate
Wilson William auctioneer English-street
Wood John carpet-manufactory Weary-holme
Wood William Not in trade George-street
Woolmer Mr. And Mrs. Not in trade Stanwix
Wright William innkeeper Annetwell-street
Wyllie Aaron glover Market-place
Yeates Christopher Not in trade Newtown
Young Esther grocer Scotch-street
Young John Not in trade Fisher-street
Young John and Matthew linen-drapers Scotch-street
Young Mrs. Not in trade English-street
Younghusband E. milliner English-street



Jollies Cumberland Guide & Directory, 1811

28 July 2006

Steve Bulman