The hamlet of Kingmoor, as it is commonly called, is an extra parochial district, comprising about 1300 acres, of which about 1200 are rated at 1064 2s. 6d. It has a light blackish soil, incumbent on a bed of clay, which makes excellent bricks. G. G. Mounsey and C. J. Lamb. Esqrs., are the largest land owners. It contains the small hamlet of Kingstown, on the high road to Scotland, two miles north of Carlisle. The freemen of the city of Carlisle have, for a length of time, held their guild races1 on a small waste here.


Mannix & Whellan, History, Gazetteer and Directory of Cumberland, 1847




1. For more on the Guild races, see Sports and Festivities.

20 April 2008

Steve Bulman