Maryport Shipping



Where Built



Ann Smack Maryport Thomas Hardy The Master
Ann Brig Maryport Thomas Lowden Master & others
Ann Snow Maryport Thomas Wilson Joseph Williamson & others
Atlas Brig Harwich John Gorley Master & others
Alert Schooner Maryport John Grave John Peat, jun.
Ardent Snow Neath R. W. Hargrave Edward Bell & others
Albion Brig Harrington William Robinson Edward Duggan & others
Betsy Galliot Plymouth Francis Lowry Elizabeth Mounsey & others
Bella Isle Brig Maryport John Huddart John Walker
Bee Sloop Ulverston Stephen Wallace The Master
Breakwater Sloop Northwitch (Chester) Wm. Osmotherly Samuel Shaw & John Wood
Brothers Brig Maryport Jacob Shilton John Walker & Thomas Walker
Belvoir Castle Brig Traith Muir George Wood Master & others
Briton Brig Maryport William Mason Master & others
Betsy Brig Scarborough John Watt Master & others
Blair Barque Maryport William Newby Master & others
Brunswick Brig Maryport Joseph Fearon Master & others
Betsy Brig Saltcoats Joseph Russell Master & others
Congress Brig Maryport James M'Neil Master & others
Countess Cassillis Brig Ayr Marcus Sullivan Matthew Harrison
Curwen and Braddyll Brig Maryport David Parrott Master & others
Cottager Snow Teignmouth Thomas Benn Master & others
Cockermouth Castle Snow Maryport William Bell Master & others
Cantab Brig Maryport John Wilson Huddleston, Ritson, & Co.
Camelion Brig Workington Thomas Wilson Master & others
Clytie Brig Maryport John Jackson Master & others
Confidence Brig Maryport Palmer Robinson John Peat & Co.
Canada Brig Maryport James Potts Master & others
Cherub Brig Maryport Thomas Duggan Master, Edward Duggan & others
Donald Brig Maryport William Allison John Donald Allison & others
Dykes Brig Maryport John Sharp William Atkinson & others
Dykes Brig Maryport John Harrison Master & others
Donegall Snow Belfast John Hodgson Master & others
Diana Brig Great Yarmouth William Robinson George Key & others
Dove Brig Lancaster Thomas Thompson Elizabeth Thompson
Darling Brig Maryport John Aitcheson Master & others
Dolphin Schooner Southtown (Yarmouth) Alexander Henney Master & others
Esther and Jane Brig Maryport R. A. Turney Master & others
Enterprise Galliot Ulverston Matthew Dockray Master, & John Wood & others
Fawcett Brig Maryport Thomas Flinn Wilson Ashley & others
Friendship Brig Aberystwith William Mitchell Master & others
Falcon Schooner Douglas J. Williamson  Augustus William Hillary 
Gipsy Brig Maryport  Joseph Cockton  Master & others
Gleaneira Ship Maryport John Newby  Master & others
Hope Brig Whitehaven Adam Duff John Garrett & others
Hannah Brig New Brunswick John Briggs Samuel Shaw & others
Hope Brig Chester John Glaister Joseph Middleton & others
Hope Brig Whitehaven John Douglas James McNeel & others
Hinda Barque Maryport Joseph Lowthian Master & others
Hemer Brig Liverpool Thomas Robinson Master & others
Helen Sloop Kelton (Dumfries) William Rodgers John Walker
Henry & Thomas Sloop Grangemouth George Sweeney The Master
Hazard Sloop Esk Meals (Bootle) J.H. Stockborough The Master
Jane Brig Maryport Robert Sharp Thomas Asbridge & others
Irene Snow Liverpool John Russell Joseph Wilson
Indian Brig Workington John Fearon John Ritson & David Fletcher
Jessie Stewart Sloop Dumfries John Sweeney The Master
Isabella Sloop Kirkcudbright John Garrett Master & others
Jane and Ellen Brig Maryport Joseph Beck J. Robinson, R. Robinson & others
John and Sarah Wherry Kelton (Dumfries) John Thornthwaite The Master
John & Betsy Sloop Glencaple (Dumfries) Thomas McGarry Henry Fitz William & others
Jean Sloop Montrose John Long The Master
Industry Brig Maryport Joseph Suiter The Master & John Wood
James Brig South Shields Joseph Sheddings Augustus William Hillary
Janes Brig Maryport Joseph Scurr Master & others
Industry Sloop Kirkcudbright Joseph Messenger Master & others
John Galliot St. Helen's (Lancaster) Thomas Curwen Samuel Shaw
Ladies Adventure Schooner Borrowstoness Joseph Whinfield Joseph Bell & Joseph Whinfield
Lively Sloop Tarleton (Lancaster) John Graham Master & others
Lady Gordon Ship Whitehaven James Turner Thomas Scurr & others
Lady Douglas Snow New Brunswick John Logan The Master & John Wood
Lady Eleanor Brig Dumbarton Robert Welsh William Henry Bilton
Mona Brig Liverpool John Collin Robert Bell & others
Mary Galliot St. Helen's (Lancaster) Ezekiel Walker Master & others
Maria Schooner Ulverston Richard Walker Master & others
Mary Ogilvie Sloop Kirkaldy William Ludley Samuel Shaw
Mary Schooner Maryport Joseph Metcalf Henry Ismay & Joseph Ismay
Mary Snow Maryport Thomas Christian Master & others
Mary Ann Sloop Maryport John Parkin Master & William Beeby
Mary & Frances Schooner Maryport Edward Southwell Robert Bell
Middleton Brig Maryport John Tinnian Master & others
Nelson Wood Brig Maryport Richard Williams Samuel Ball & others
Nelson Brig Maryport Joseph Waite Master & others
Nancy Brig Aberdovy Thomas Carrick The Master
Neptune Smack Whitehaven Henry Melmore Thomas Asbridge
Ocean Brig Maryport Martin Wilkinson Henry Blake & others
Oxonian Brig Maryport Edw. Wilkinson, jun. E. Wilkinson, sen. & E. Wilkinson, jun.
Paragon Brig Maryport Edward Wilkinson Master & others
Peggy and Jenny Brig Glencaple (Dumfries) Edward Swainson George Tinnion & others
Royalist Brig Maryport John Asbridge Thomas Asbridge & others
Robert Brig Barnstaple Robert Glaister John Gill & others
Ritson1 Snow Maryport Samuel Johnston John Ritson & others
Relief Galliot Maryport John Huddart Wm. Brown, Jos. Tinnion & others
Shaw  Brig Liverpool John Scott John Ritson & others
Sarah & Marienne Snow Chester Robert Archibald Jos. Seymour & John Seymour
Stamper Snow Workington Henry Scurr John Scurr & others
Susannah Brig Maryport J. M'Kenzie Rule Master & others
Salus Brig Whitby Joseph Wilkinson Master & others
Saint George Snow Harrington James Pool John Inman & others
Sally Snow Maryport Daniel Duff Joseph Huddleston & Co. & others
Thomas Brig Chepstow Thos. Lewthwaite Master & others
Terry Brig Maryport Robert Hodgson Ann Bell & others
Trader Schooner Ulverston Henry Lightfoot Master & others
Tartar Brig Yarmouth Jonathan Hurst Joseph Hurst & others
Trafalgar Snow Workington Thomas Kennedy John Ritson & others
Unity Galliot Glencaple (Dumfries) Richard Bentley The Master
Venus Smack Anstruther (Fife) John Williamson Richard Wilkin
Walney Star Galliot Ulverston John Dand William Hinde & others
William & Mary Sloop Maryport George Race Finlinson Thorburn
Wilson Rothery Brig Maryport John Rothery The Master & others
Wilkinson Galliot Maryport Hodgson Dixon Master & others
Wellington Schooner Chester William Russell Kelsick Wood
Woods Brig Maryport William Collin John Wood, William Collin, Robt. Ritson & others


A List Of The Cumberland Shipping, Corrected To February 1840, by William Sawyers, Comptroller Of Her Majesty's Customs At The Port Of Whitehaven


1. A ship called Ritson, almost certainly this one, sank in 1857, having failed to weather a hurricane. For the newspaper report from the time, see Tim Latham's maritime history site.

29 July 2006

Steve Bulman