Cumbria Family Photographs - Help Requested

David Knowles has asked for help in identifying the possible family members shown on the following old photographs. Such information as he has has been included. Please contact David directly ( if you can help.

His family originated in Cumberland, with a few wanderers in Durham. They photographs are likely to be of Carlton, Birkett, Irving, or McQouid family members.

1. David says "I believe the elderly woman to be Isabella nee Trimble Unknown, sister of Jane (Trimble) Carlton. Bella was born in 1839 in Crosby and lived in Carlisle. Their father Joseph Trimble ran the Blue Bell Inn at 36 Rickergate, Carlisle. I believe she married a Roman Catholic and had at least 10 children. My family, the Carltons, emigrated to Colorado in 1880. There was a lot of correspondence during World War 1 when Jane's grandson (my grandfather) Robert Griffith Knowles was in England before going on to France. So I believe the time period to be 1918.

2. "taken at the Andrews Studio, 108 Senhouse in Maryport. Have no idea of identity or time frame. Would hazard a (weak) guess at 1890."

3. Details as (2).

4. As (2), though the photographers logo has changed, so may be rather later in date.

5. Doubtful attribution as Thomas McQuoid.

6. Taken at the Sherwood Studios, Maryport.

7. A Cockermouth photograph.


Helen Strickland is appealing for help identifying any Strickland family member(s) on this old Waverbridge school photograph, probably dating from around 1910. Please contact Helen directly on


30 April 2008

Steve Bulman