Salter and Eskatt

  Commonly called Eskatt and Salter, is an extra-parochial district, situated about eight miles east by south of Whitehaven. The demesne of Salter was given by Gospatric, son of Orme, son of Ketel, to the abbey of Saint Mary, York, and was subsequently consigned to the priory of St. Bees. After the dissolution of the religious houses, it was purchased by Dr. Leigh, and sold by his grandson to the Salkelds of Whitehall, from whom it passed to the families of Patrickson, Robertson, and Fryer; and is now the property of Mrs. Margaret Dickinson. Salter Hall is one of the oldest houses in this part of the county, having been built by Thos. Salkeld, in 1583, as appears by an inscription over the kitchen door. There is here a very ancient staircase, of black carved oak, and, unlike most old houses, this is both commodious and comfortable. The demesne of Salter and Eskatt contains 634 acres, and the largest proprietor is Mrs. Dickinson.


 Mannix & Whellan, History, Gazetteer and Directory of Cumberland, 1847



26 April 2008

Steve Bulman