The Solway Viaduct


The Solway Viaduct, part of the Solway Junction Railway, ran from Bowness-On-Solway to Annan. It opened for rail traffic in 1869, but in both 1875 and 1881 was seriously damaged by a build-up of ice brought down by the River Eden. Repairs were completed in 1884, and the viaduct continued in use for freight and passenger traffic until 1914; thereafter it carried freight only until it was closed in 1921 for safety reasons. It was demolished in 1934/5. Apparently, part of the reason was that Scots, who then had no access to alcohol on Sundays, used to walk across to the more liberal English side, and returning in a less than sober state occasionally fell into the Solway, and were lost. Thanks to Bill Reay for additional information.

The stonework, which is visible at the left, and its counterpart on the English side, are all that survives, apart from a few of the iron piers.

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Peter Ostle has kindly supplied me with a copy of the railway timetable for journey's across the viaduct -

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19 June 2015

Steve Bulman