Workington Shipping, 1811







Amity sn 186 H. Benn J. Scott and Co.
Albion br 185 R. Thompson R. Thompson and Co.
Amphion br 151 J. Benn J. Benn and Co.
Ardent sh 246 T. Bouch A. Crosthwaite and Co.
Argus br 168 J. Carr P. Carr and Co.
Active g 100 J. Brown J. Brown
Argo br 176 W. Bell W. Bell and Co.
Aid br 161 G. Brown G. Brown and Co.
Askew sn 160 M. Moore M. Moore and Co.
Brothers br 122 H. Anderson J. K. Atkinson and Co.
Brittania sn 133 J. Scott J. Peat and Co.
Beaver br 54 W. Wilkinson E. Gilliad and Co.
Birkby sh 250 T. Scaife Captain and Co.
Bowes br 265 J. Bowman W. Fell and Co.
Bacchus br 150 J. Jenkinson J. Jenkinson and Co.
Brothers d 59 J. Sparks J. Sparks and Co.
Content br 104 A. Thompson C. Burrell and Co.
Cleopatra br 138 J. Hewitt, jun. J. Hewitt and Co.
Crosby br 177 R. M'Gaa R. M'Gaa and Co.
Curwen & Bradyll br 113 J. Holliday J. Holliday and Co.
Commerce sn 195 W. Rees W. Rees and Co.
Ceres sn 197 ---- Grayson W. Rees and Co.
Commerce br 133 J. Clewer G. F. Harrison and Co.
Ceres sn 151 J. Collins J. Collins and Co.
Clifton br 223 C. Bell W. Fell and Co.
Dorset br 99 E. Merriman Hodgson, Thompson and Co.
Devonshire br 94 J. Johnston J. Johnson and Co.
Diligence sc 67 W. Smith W. Fell and Co.
Derwent br 247 T. Osborn W. Fell and Co.
Delight br 120 R. Hodgson E. Robinson and Co.
Endeavour br 77 J. Shilton J. Wallace and Co.
Eleanor br 168 J. Wallace J. Wallace and Co.
Endeavour br 108 E. Irving E. Irving and Co.
Eliza br 120 W. Hannay J. Robinson and Co.
Edward sn 137 W. Casson W. Casson and Co.
Falcon br 132

R. Dixon

R. Busby and Co.
Fortune sn 168 ----- Page P. Hurd and Co.
Favourite Sally sn 135 W. Wallace W. Wallace and Co.
Fanny br 133 T. Dodgson T. Dodgson and Co.
Friendship sn 123 A. Scott A. Scott and Co.
Fletcher br 225 J. Nelson K. Wood and co.
Friends br 180 J. Harrison J. Harrison and Co.
Friends br 181 E. Dawson E. Dawson and Co.
Frances sn 185 W. Dawson T. Falcon and Co.
Fortune sn 201 H. Hodgson H. Hodgson and Co.
Favourite br 106 J. Wedgwood T. Mordaff and Co.
Grace br 177 T. Martin T. Martin and Co.
Hector br 67 H. Bell H. Bell and Co.
Helena br 73 J. Piper Captain and Co.
Hannah br 110 J. Parkin J. Parkin and Co.
Henry br 94 I. Foy J. Foy and Co.
Hope br 127 J. Robinson J. Robinson and Co.
Hannah br 120 J. Pattinson J. Pattinson and Co.
Hope br 168 J. Bell J. Bell and Co.
Henderson br 163 J. Bushby R. Steel and Co.
Johns sl 50 J. Dalston M. Russel and Co.
Industry br 159 ---- Thompson J. Thompson and Co.
Integrity br 200 T. Kendall J. Steel and Co.
Joanna br 106 J. Cummings J. Cummings and Co.
Integrity br 157 J. Thompson J. Thompson and Co.
Jane br 121 J. Grayson J. Thompson and Co.
Integrity br 160 T. Mordy T. Mordy and Co.
Integrity br 170 W. Mordy W. Mordy and Co.
Joshua sn 100 J. Brown J. Brown and Co.
Isabella br 75 E. Davidson E. Davidson and Co.
Industry br 114 R. Little W. Wallace and Co.
Lowther br 128 R. Pearson R. Scott and Co.
Lark br 123 M. Flinn J. Macklin and Co.
Lark br 102 T. Milfield J. Armstrong and Co.
Lettice br 90 J. Tickle Captain and Co.
Loyalty br 77 ----- Stewart Captain and Co.
Lancaster br 171 R. Steel J. Steel and Co.
Lovely Nelly br 185 H. Pigg H. Pigg and Co.
Lee sn 176 J. Casson W. Casson and Co.
Lively br 163 J. Armstrong W. Brown and Co.
Leland br 105 J. Mairs J. Mairs and Co.
Lion br 78 W. Dodgson W. Dodgson and Co.
Lion br 85 J. M'Kie J. M'Kie and Co.
Mary Ann br 83 W. Hill J. Makinson and Co.
Mally br 124 J. Jackson R. Jackson and Co.
Martin sn 180 J. Bean R. Bowes and Co.
Mary br 73 J. Ruth J. Ruth and Co.
Mary sn 150 E. Grisdale E. Grisdale and Co.
Molly sn 114 A. Penrice A. Penrice and Co.
Martha br 139 S. Wildridge P. Atkinson and Co.
Martha br 173 W. Dunn W. Dunn and Co.
Margaret br 187 J. Brown J. Brown and Co.
Margaret sl 20 W. Makinson J. Sewell
Nonsuch br 107 J. Younghusband M. Russell and Co.
Nancy sh 175 J. williamson M. Russell, sen.
New Anson sn 122 R. Crosby G. Simpson and Co.
Nancy br 87 J. Makinson, jun. J. Makinson and Co.
Neptune br 153 R. Thompson B. Scott and Co.
Pomona br 112 W. Mickham W. Kay and Co.


br 158 T. Robinson J. Whiteside and Co.
Portland br 162 J. Rogerson J. Rogerson and Co.
Peggy br 98 S. Martindale S. Martindale and Co.
Ranger sn 212 J. Holliday J. Walker and Co.
Robinson br 80 J. Atkinson J. Atkinson and Co.
Russell sn 176 W. Parkins W. Parkin and Co.
Rose br 134 J. Losh J. Losh and Co.
Sally br 100 Thomas Lee J. Steel and Co.
Sarah br 153 Robert Wallace Captain and Co.
Sarah sn 130 J. Matthewson Captain and Co.
Senhouse Moor br 110 H. Makinson Captain and Co.
Shannon br 210 R. Kendall J. Thompson and Co.
Senhouse sn 160 J. Thompson Thompsons and Co.
Stamper sn 191 T. Wilson J. Wilson and Co.
Triton br 119 C. Abbott T. Martindale and Co.
Triton br 142 A. Scott Captain and Co.
Triall br 162 J. Thompson Captain and Co.
Trafalgar sn 201 T. Peile, jun. Captain and Co.
Thompson sn 205 J. Thompson Captain and Co.
Unity br 65 Wm. Gilles W. Wallace
Vine sh 134 John Lee C. Lee and Co.
Watson sn 233 W. Gregg R. Waite and Co.
William & Sally br 102 James Sharp Captain and Co.
Wilton sn 193 J. Thompson Captain and Co.


Jollies Cumberland Guide & Directory, 1811

29 July 2006

Steve Bulman