Workington Shipping



Where Built



Artemis Ship Workington Thomas Losh John Sparks & others
Ann Snow Workington John Brown Henry Grayson & others
Argo Brig Workington William Greggs William Bell & others
Amity Snow Workington James Glover James Scott & others
Abeona Snow Workington Robert Wallace John Atkinson & others
Ann Snow Workington Richard Blair Master & others
Arion Brig Workington John Satterthwaite Miles Satterthwaite
Adelaide Schooner Ulverston Alexander Brown Master & others
Adventure Brig Prize Richd. Crosthwaite Robert Graves & others
Anne Brig Great Yarmouth Martin Bouch Master & others
Ant Brig Workington Milliam Matches Master & others
Autumn Brig Southampton John Innes Master & others
Ann Schooner Ulverston John Kirkhaugh The Master
Arethusa Brig Whitby Robert Brown Master & others
Bowes Snow Workington Matthew Johnston Jacob Holliday & others
Blucher Snow Harrington William Brown Henry Grayson & others
Belgrave Brig Chester Jeremiah Wilson Master & others
Cammerton Snow Workington Thomas Shields John Hewitt & others
Caribbean Barque Maryport Anthony C. Fleming Robert Irving & others
Catherine Brig Kincardine William Renny Wm. Renney & Mary Ann Winder
Chebar Barque Workington Robert Smallwood Henry Grayson & others
Dorset Brig Workington Henry Aitkin William Matches & others
Diana Brig Borrowstoness Archibald Lemon John Sharp & others
Delight Brig Maryport Robert Graves Master & others
Derwent Brig Workington John Purdy, jun. John Purdy, sen., & others
Eleanor Brig Workington James Warwick Joseph Wallace & others
Eleanor Brig Workington John Scott Master & others
Evelina Snow New Brunswick Thos. Bainbridge Master & others
Edward Snow Workington John Sewell Ann Casson & others
Eleanora Barque Workington Patricius Wallace Master & others
Falcon Snow Workington Henry Mairs Master & others
Frances & Mary Brig Workington William Dodgson Master & others
Favourite Brig Sunderland William Byers Sarah, Mary, & Jane Moordaff, & W. Peile
Fox Galliot Lancaster George Sugden Daniel Middleton
Friends Brig Shoreham Henry Bell Master & others
Gleaner Schooner Kincardine William Longmire Master & others
George Brig Aberyswith Joseph Peile Master & others
Grace Brig Maryport George Kennedy Daniel Midleton & others
Hero Brig Workington Richard Harrison John Harrison & others
Harmony Brig Johnshaven (Kincardine) Stamper Atkinson Master & others
Hannah Grayson Brig Workington Edward Penrice Master & others
Horatia Brig Workington Robert Nicholson Jonathan Fell & others
Jason Snow Wells (Norfolk) Peter Fearon Daniel Middleton & others
Jackson Brig Workington Joseph Jackson Matthew Jackson & others
Io Barque Workington John Barnes Master & others
Isabella Brig Aberdeen John Daglish Master & others
Industry Brig Workington John Rodham Thomas Martin & others
James Schooner New Brunswick Wm. Patrickson Joshua Graves
Kelsick Wood Brig Workington Wm. Thompson William Fisher & others
Lady M. Stewart Brig Ayr Peter Jackson Joseph Hodgson & others
Lowther Brig Workington Daniel Hayton Master & others
Lion Brig Yarmouth James Thompson Master & others
Lady Ann Brig Leith Thomas Merry William Bowman
Mary Brig Workington John Brown Mary Brown & others
Mary Brig Chepstow James Ruth Master & others
Mary Ann Galliot Saltcoats William Daglish James Alexander & Michl. Falcon
Margaret Brig Workington Andrew Russell Master & others
Mary Ann Galliot Whitehaven John Bryce Master & others
Mary Ann Schooner Millwall (Poplar) Richard Lancaster The Master
Martin Brig Workington William Brown Michael Falcon & others
Neptune Snow Blythnook Wm. Thompson Peter Hurd & others
Nestor Brig Harrington Abraham Clark Shadrach Moordaff & others
Orford Snow Liverpool John Davis The Master
Peggy Snow Inverkeithing Peter Moorsom William Martindale & others
Protector Barque Workington Robert Edgar Daniel Bragg & others
Palmer Brig Yarmouth John Kay John Moordaff & others
Perseverance Brig Workington Samuel Surridge William Bowman & others
Ranger Brig Great Yarmouth Thomas Potts Master & others
Spencer Snow Workington Richard Smith Thomas Spencer & others
Spring Brig Workington Isaac Edmondson Falcon & Alexander
Tryton Brig Workington William Grave Master & others
Thompson Brig Maryport William Burton Master & others
Valiant Snow Workington John Gainford William Bragg & others
William Brig Workington Michael Sargent Thomas Mordy & others
Winscales Ship Workington Samuel Connolly William Fisher & others
William Fell Brig Workington Charles Pratt Margaret Irving & others
Wilfred Schooner Annan William Boyd Master & others
Wilton Brig Workington William Wilson Lancelot Bouch & others


 A List Of The Cumberland Shipping, Corrected To February 1840, by William Sawyers, Comptroller Of Her Majesty's Customs At The Port Of Whitehaven

29 July 2006

Steve Bulman