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Steve Bulman

Altham, St. James. 103 SD 771 331. Philip Kapp.
Ansdell, St. Joseph (R.C.). Mrs. Janet Dalby. Link.
Arkholme, St. John the Baptist, 97 SD 588 718. Methodist Chapel, 97 SD 582 720. Both Elaine Hindson.
Aughton, St. Saviour. Elaine Hindson.

Barrow, U.R.C. 103 SD 738 385. The former St. Luke Mission Church, now a private residence. 103 SD 737 383. Both Philip Kapp.
Barrowford, St. Thomas. 103 SD 854 394. Paul Brown.
Barton, St. Lawrence. Steve Bulman. Another view. 102 SD 516 372. Philip Kapp.
Belmont, St. Peter. 103 SD 673 158. Philip Kapp.
Billington, Ebenezer Baptist Chapel. 103 SD 727 357. Philip Kapp.
Bilsborrow, St. Hilda. 102 NG 513 398. Methodist Church. 102 SD 516 398. Both Philip Kapp.
Bolton by Bowland, St. Peter and St. Paul, a fine church in its own right, is even more worthy of a visit because it possesses a splendid tomb to a knight, his three wives and their 25 children. Fine window and doorway. Both Steve Bulman.
Borwick, St. Mary. Another view. Both Elaine Hindson.
Bracewell, St. Michael. Steve Bulman.
Brindle, St. James. 102 SD 599 242. Philip Kapp.
Brookhouse, St. Paul. 97 SD 542 646. Philip Kapp. Methodist Church, which originally served as the Caton Primitive Methodist Chapel. SD 541 645. Elaine Hindson. The former Primitive Methodist Chapel (dating from 1861) now a private house. 97 SD 541 645. Philip Kapp.
Brownhill, Trinity U.R.C. 103 SD 687 313. Philip Kapp.

Capernwray Evangelical Church (formerly Methodist). 97 SD 542 724. Elaine Hindson.
Chatburn, Christ Church. Steve Bulman. Methodist Church (demolished in 2002). Tom McLean. Methodist Church (built 2002). 103 SD 770 440. Philip Kapp.
Christ Church-over-Wyresdale. Steve Bulman.
Claughton, St. Chad. Steve Bulman. 97 SD 567 666.
Clayton, St. Willabroad (R.C.). June Fitzgerald.
Cockerham, St. Michael. Elaine Hindson. 102 SD 462 519.

Cotton Tree, Methodist Church. 103 905400. Philip Kapp.
Cowan Bridge, Methodist Church. Steve Bulman.

Darwen, St. Barnabas. 103 SD 698 205. Philip Kapp.
Dolphinholme, dedicated to St. Mark. 102 SD 517 534. Methodist chapel. Both Elaine Hindson.
Downham, St. Leonard. 103 SD 784 443. Philip Kapp.
Dunsop Bridge, St. George. 103 SD 660 501. Philip Kapp. St. Hubert (R.C.). Steve Bulman.

Ellel, St. John the Evangelist; 102 SD 487 558. The church in the grounds of Ellel Grange, is disused, and was dedicated to St. Mary - there was a proposal in 2002 to restore the church and convert it into craft workshops and a conference venue. Both Elaine Hindson.
Euxton, dedication unknown. Michael Fisher.

Forton, which is better known to most travellers as a service station on the M6 motorway, has a church dedicated to St. James; this church is also known as Shireshead Old Church. 102 SD 493 514. Methodist Church on Hollins Lane. Both Elaine Hindson.
Foulridge, the Mount Pleasant Methodist Church. 103 SD 880 433. Philip Kapp.

Galgate, St Joseph (R.C.). Methodist Church. Both Elaine Hindson.
Gisburn, St. Mary the Virgin. Steve Bulman.
Glasson Dock, Christ Church. 97 SD 449 559. Elaine Hindson.
Great Mitton, All Hallows. 103 SD 715 389. Philip Kapp.
Gressingham, St. John. 97 SD 572 699. Elaine Hindson.
Grimsargh, St. Michael. 102 SD 582 338. Our Lady & St. Michael (R.C.). 102 SD 597 348. Both Philip Kapp.
Grindleton, St. Ambrose. 103 SD 762 456. Steve Bulman. Methodist Church. 103 SD 758 458. Philip Kapp.

Halton, St. Wilfred. URC, formerly Congregational. The R.C. Church dedicated to St. Robert Bellarine. All Elaine Hindson.
Harrop Fold, the former chapel, now Christian Fellowship. 103 SD 748 495. Philip Kapp.
Haslingden, Methodist Church, dedicated in 1857. 109 SD 787 230. Philip Kapp.
Hest Bank, St. Luke, parish church of Slyne with Hest. United Reform Church (formerly Congregational). Both Elaine Hindson.
Hoghton, Holy Trinity. 103 SD 614 259. Philip Kapp.
Holden, Chapel. 103 SD 771 496. Philip Kapp.
Hornby, St. Margaret. Steve Bulman. 97 SD 585 687. Another view. St. Wilfred (R.C.). Both Elaine Hindson.
Horton-in-Craven, the Paradise Chapel. 103 SD 856 502. Philip Kapp.
Huncoat, Our Lady (R.C.). 103 SD 776 309. Methodist Church. 103 SD 775 309. Both Philip Kapp.
Hurst Green, St. John the Evangelist. Steve Bulman. Cemetery Chapel. 103 SD 684 384. Philip Kapp.

Inglewhite, Congregational Church. 102 SD 547 398. Philip Kapp.

Knowle Green, Congregational Church. 103 SD 637 381. A converted chapel near Knowle Green on Gallows Lane, at 103 SD 663 374. Both Philip Kapp.

Laneshaw Bridge, Methodist Church. 103 SD 921 407. Philip Kapp.
Langho, St. Leonard. 103 SD 711 349. St. Mary, (R.C.). 103 SD 704 339. Methodist Church. 103 SD 705 342. All Philip Kapp.
Leck, St. Peter. Mrs. Janet Dalby.
Littledale. Built for the Dodson's of Littledale Hall, this church is now sadly used as a barn. Elaine Hindson.
Lumb, St. Michael. 103 SD 837 249. Eden Chapel (United Free Methodist), built in 1874 and demolished in 2004. 103 SD 841 256. Both John Purdy.
Lytham St. Anne's, Chrsitadelphian Hall. Mrs. Janet Dalby.

Martin Top, Methodist Church. 103 SD 821 457. Philip Kapp.
Melling, dedicated to St. Wilfrid. 97 SD 598 711. Steve Bulman.
Mellor, Methodist Church. 103 SD 654 310. Philip Kapp.
Middleton, Methodist Church. Elaine Hindson.
Millhead (near Carnforth), Jehovah Witnesses. Elaine Hindson.
Mitton, All Hallows. Previously in the "Unknown" section, where it was under the postcards spelling of Mytton, thanks to Janet Gimber for identifying this church. From an old postcard, Bulman Collection. Link.

Nether Kellett, St. Mark (unlicenced mission). Congregational Church. Both Elaine Hindson.
Newhey, St. Thomas. 109 SD 937 117. Philip Kapp.
Newton-in-Bowland, U.R.C. 103 SD 697 504. Philip Kapp.

Old Langho, St. Leonard. 103 SD 701 358. Philip Kapp.
Ormskirk, St. Peter & St. Paul. From an old postcard, Bulman Collection. Link.
Out Rawcliffe, St. John the Evangelist. 102 ref. 502 904. David Lea.
Over Kellett, St. Cuthbert. Elaine Hindson. 97 SD 522 695.
Overton, St. Helen, 102 SD 440 586. Sunderland Point Mission Church (unlicenced). St. Bernard (R.C.). All Elaine Hindson.

Paythorne, Methodist Church. Steve Bulman.
Penwortham, St. Mary Magdalen (R.C.). George Weston.
Poulton-le-Fylde, St. Chad. From an old postcard (franked 1928), Bulman Collection. Link. Cemetery Chapel. Mrs. Janet Dalby.

Quernmore, St. Peter, 102 SD 518 603. Methodist Church. Both Elaine Hindson.

Read, St. John the Evangelist. 103 SD 765 347. U.R.C. 103 SD 765 345. Both Philip Kapp.
Rhodes, dedicated to All Saints. Robert Mather.
Ribchester, St. Wilfrid. 103 SD 649 350. Evangelical Presbyterian Church. 103 SD 650 353. Both Philip Kapp.
Roeburndale, Methodist Chapel. Mrs. Janet Dalby.

Saddleworth, St. Chad. SE 007 064. Michael Bourne. Link.
St. Anne's, dedicated to St. Anne. From an old postcard, Bulman Collection.
Samlesbury, St. Leonard the Less. Jane Marriott. St. Mary & St. John Southworth (R.C.). 102 SD 593 303. Philip Kapp.
Sawley, Society of Friends. 103 SD 772 466. Sawley Abbey. 103 SD 776 464. Link. Both Philip Kapp.
Shuttleworth, St. John in the Wilderness. 109 SD 800 177. This is perhaps the former Baptist Church. A plaque on the wall reads "Baptist School 1868". 109 SD 799 174. Both Philip Kapp.
Silverdale, St. John. Methodist Church. Both Elaine Hindson.
Simonstone, St. Peter. 103 SD 775 345. Philip Kapp.
Slaidburn, St. Andrew. Steve Bulman.
Slyne, Christadelphian Hall. Elaine Hindson.
Stydd, St. Saviour. 103 SD 654 359. St. Peter & St. Paul (R.C.). 103 SD 653 357. Both Philip Kapp.

Tatham, St. James the Less. Mrs. Janet Dalby.
Tewitfield, Methodist Church. Elaine Hindson.
Thurnam, St. Thomas and St. Elizabeth (R.C.). Elaine Hindson.
Torrisholme, Church of the Ascension, 97 SD 454 637. Church of the Good Shepherd (R.C.). Methodist Church. All Elaine Hindson.
Trawden, St. Mary the Virgin. 103 SD 911 385. The former St. Ursula (R.C.). 103 SD 908 400. The former Zion Chapel. 103 SD 912 382. All Philip Kapp.
Tunstall, St. John the Baptist. Steve Bulman. Another view. Jane Marriott. 97 SD 614 739.

Upholland, St. Thomas the Martyr. Another view. The tower. Neil advises that according to local legend, the last British highwayman is buried here. All Neil and Lewis Bulman.

Waddington, St. Helen. U.R.C. Both Steve Bulman.
Walton-le-Dale, St. Leonard. 102 SD 561 281. Philip Kapp.
Warton, St. Oswald King and Martyr. Methodist Chapel. Both Elaine Hindson.
Weeton, St. Michael. Mrs. Janet Dalby.
Wesham, Christ Church. Paul Brown. 102 SD 418 330. St. Joseph (R.C.). Mrs. Janet Dalby.
Whitewell, St. Michael. Steve Bulman.
Whittle-le-Woods, St. John the Evangelist, 102 SD 578 215. Methodist Church. 102 SD 579 219. Both Philip Kapp.
Whittington, St. Michael. A mosaic of the saint. Both Mrs. Janet Dalby.
Winewall, the former Inghamite Chapel, now houses. 103 SD 911 399. Philip Kapp.
Winmarleigh, St. Luke. 102 SD 471 480. Elaine Hindson.
Wray, Holy Trinity. 97 SD 603 675. Philip Kapp. Wesleyan Methodist Church, originally a Quaker Meeting House. SD 601 676. Elaine Hindson.
Wyresdale, Methodist Church. Steve Bulman.

Yealand, St. John. St. Mary (R.C.). Friends Meeting House. All  Elaine Hindson.


22 October 2006

Steve Bulman