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Steve Bulman

Appleton, St. Mary - a picturesque ruin with a round tower. John Salmon.
Attleborough. Link to external web-site.
Aylsham, St. Michael. Frances Hoffman.

Barford, St. Botolph. John M. Brook.
Binham, the remains of the priory. From an old postcard, Bulman Collection. Another old postcard view, from the collection of Graeme Harvey. Link.
Blakeney, dedicated to St. Nicholas. 133 TG 033 435. John Salmon.
Booton, St. Michael & All Angels. Link is to external website.
Brancaster, St. Mary. 132 TF 772 439. Steve Bulman.
Breckles (or Breccles), St. Margaret. The unusual tower. Both Jane Marriott.
Briningham, St. Maurice. Jane Marriott.
Bunwell, St. Michael & All Angels. Frances Hoffman.
Burgh St. Peter, dedicated to St. Peter. Another view. Both Brian J. Curtis. Brian says "the church has the most bizarre tower I've ever seen." It would be hard to disagree with him!!
Burnham-Deepdale, St. Mary. John Salmon.
Burnham Norton, St. Margaret. 132 TF 834 428. Steve Bulman. Link.

Caister, St. Edmund. From an old postcard, Bulman Collection.
Carbrooke, Sts. Peter and Paul. John Salmon.
Carleton St. Peter, dedicated to St. Peter. From an old postcard, Bulman Collection. Does anyone know what the abbreviations I. J. H. might stand for?  Link.
Castle Rising, St. Lawrence. From an old postcard, Bulman Collection.
Cley-next-the-Sea, St. Margaret of Antioch. John Salmon.
Cockthorpe, All Saints. 132 TF 981 422. Steve Bulman. Link.
Coltishall, St. John the Baptist. Colin Waters.
Cromer, St. Peter & St. Paul. From an old postcard, Bulman Collection.
Crownthorpe, St. James. Converted to private use. Steve Bulman.

Docking, St. Mary. John Salmon.

East Bilney, St. Mary. 132 TF 955 195. Steve Bulman.
East Bradenham, St. Mary, in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust. From the postcard collection of Graeme Harvey. Link.
East Dereham - see Dereham.
East Wretham, St. Ethelbert. John Salmon.

Fakenham, St. Peter & St. Paul. A large church on a cramped site. Methodist Church. Both Steve Bulman.
Flitcham, St. Mary. Another view. Both John Salmon.

Garvestone, St. Margaret. 144 TG 023 073. Steve Bulman.
Gorleston-on-Sea, St. Andrew. From an old postcard (franked 1905), Bulman Collection. Link.
Great Bircham, St. Mary. Steve Watson.
Great Massingham, St. Mary. John Salmon.
Great Yarmouth.
Grimston, St. Botolph. John Salmon.

Helhoughton, All Saints. John Salmon.
Hillington, St. Mary. John Salmon.
Hingham, St. Andrew. John Salmon.
Holm, the ruins of the Abbey of St, Benet. Colin Waters. Link.

Ingoldsthorpe, St. Michael. A charming gargoyle. John Salmon.

King's Lynn.
Knapton, St. Peter & St. Paul. From an old postcard, Bulman Collection. Link.

Langham, St. Andrew & St. Mary. The gravestone of Langham's most famous son, Captain Frederick Marryat lies in the churchyard. 133 TG 008 413. Both Steve Bulman. Link.
Little Ellingham. Jane Marriott.
Little Walsingham.

Morston, All Saints. 133 TG 009 439. Steve Bulman. Link.

New Buckenham, St. Martin. 144 TM 089 906. Steve Bulman.

Pulham Market, St. Mary Magdalene. 156 TM 198 862. Steve Bulman.
Pulham St. Mary, St. Mary the Virgin. The splendid porch. 156 TM 212 854. Steve Bulman. Link.

Ringstead, St. Andrew. Previously in the "Unknown" section. Many thanks to James Fielding for confirming that this is the Ringstead in Norfolk. From an old postcard (franked 1905), Bulman Collection.   Link.

Salthouse, St. Nicholas. Steve Watson.
Sandringham, St. Mary Magdalene. From an old postcard, Bulman Collection.
Saxthorpe, St. Andrew. Frances Hoffman.
Scoulton. Jane Marriott.
Southrepps, St. James. Frances Hoffman.
Starston, St. Margaret. 156TM 234 845. Steve Bulman.

Tacolneston, All Saints. David Nicholson.
Thornham, All Saints. 132 TF 733 435. Steve Bulman.
Tibenham, All Saints. Ralph Wilson. Link. Please note that the image of Tibenham church previously shown here was incorrect.

Upper Sheringham, All Saints. From an old postcard (franked 1907), Bulman Collection. Link.

Walsingham - see Little Walsingham, above.
Wells next the sea.
West Newton, St. Peter and St. Paul; the lychgate. John Salmon.
West Walton, St. Mary the Virgin. From an old postcard, Geoff Watt's Collection.
Whinburgh, St. Mary. Pevsner says this church is redundant, but it didn't appear to be so during my visit. It's also still listed on 144 TG 006 089. Steve Bulman.
Worstead, St. Mary. From an old postcard, Bulman Collection.


22 October 2006

Steve Bulman