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Orkney Islands

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Steve Bulman

Barswick, (on South Ronaldsay). This is possibly the South Ronaldsay Free Church. ND 442 856. Martin Briscoe.
Brough of Deerness (Mainland), remains of the medieval chapel. HY 597 088. Martin Briscoe.
Broughtown (on Sanday), the Cross and Burness Parish Church. HY 659 408. Martin Briscoe.
Burwick, (on South Ronaldsay), St. Mary. ND 440 843. Bill Henderson.
Burray Village (on Burray), St. Lawrence. ND 472 956. Martin Briscoe.

Dounby (on Mainland), United Free Church. HY 296 206. Martin Briscoe.

Evie (on Mainland), the Parish Church. HY 368 256. The Old Parish Church. HY 375 247. Both Martin Briscoe.

Finstown (on Mainland), Firth Church (CoS). HY 360 138. Free Church. HY 360 139. Both Martin Briscoe.

Gorseness (on Mainland), ruined church. HY 424 197. Martin Briscoe.

Hackland (on Mainland). HY 393 206. Martin Briscoe.
Harray (on Mainland).
Heldale, (on the island of Hoy), St. John, (Church of Scotland). ND 307 929. Martin Briscoe.
Herston (on South Ronaldsay), previously a Mission Chapel. ND 421 907. Martin Briscoe.
Holm (on Mainland), probably the Parish Church, at HY 504 019. Martin Briscoe.
How (on Sanday), the remains of the former Cross Parish Church. HY 654 392. Martin Briscoe.
Howes Wick (Mainland), Old Parish Church. HY 511 007. Martin Briscoe.
Hoy (on the island of Hoy), Church of Scotland. HY 233 037. Burial ground and old chapel. HY 236 046. Both Martin Briscoe.

Kirk Taing (on Burray), the Old Parish Church. ND 491 964. Martin Briscoe.
Kirkhouse, (on South Ronaldsay), St. Peter. ND 471 909. Martin Briscoe.

Lambholm, the Italian Chapel. Interior. This chapel was built and decorated by Italian POW's during WWII. Both Bill Henderson. This shot Martin Briscoe shows something of the Nissen hut used to construct the chapel.
Laminess, (on Sanday), Old Church. There is a date above the door, 1909. HY 620 373. Martin Briscoe.
Longhope (on South Walls), St. Columba (Church of Scotland). ND 312 908. Martin Briscoe.
Lyness (on the island of Hoy), the Old Kirk, now in private use. Martin Briscoe.

Northwall (on Sanday), the disused church at HY 739 440. Martin Briscoe.

Orphir (on Mainland), the remains of St. Nicholas. The only circular church known to have been built in medieval Scotland. HY 335 044. Martin Briscoe.

Queenamuckle (on Mainland). HY 415 216. Martin Briscoe.
Quoyloo (on Mainland), Sandwick Parish Church. HY 246 208. St. Peter's Kirk. HY 234 199. Both Martin Briscoe.

St. Margaret's Hope (on South Ronaldsay), St. Margaret (Church of Scotland). ND 450 934. Gospel Hall (the building with the blue door). ND 448 936. Old church near the village. ND 458 936. All Martin Briscoe.
Silverhall (on Sanday), the former Lady Parish Church, and the "Devil's Fingerprints"!! HY 677 400. Both Martin Briscoe.
Skaill, (on Mainland), St. Ninian. HY 588 064. West Church. HY 572 062. Both Martin Briscoe.
Stenness, (on Mainland), Church of Scotland. NH 312 125. Martin Briscoe.
Stromness (Mainland).

Tankerness (on Mainland), St. Andrew's North Church. HY 511 080. St. Andrew's Sourth Church. HY 511 068. Both Martin Briscoe.
Twatt. Martin Briscoe.


22 October 2006

Steve Bulman