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West Midlands

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Steve Bulman

Bilston, St. Leonard. Dorothy Turley. Link.

Cradley, St. Peter. SO 942 852. Roy Graham.
Cradley Heath.

Darlaston, St. Lawrence. SO 977 969. Roy Graham.


King's Heath, All Saints. From an old postcard, Bulman Collection. Link.
Kingswinford, St. Mary. Dorothy Turley.
Knowle, St. John the Baptist. Link. U.R.C. Both Mark Turbott.

Netherton, Noah's Ark Methodist Church (disused). Built in 1925 on the site of an earlier church, this listed building is to be redeveloped as housing. Congregational Church, Primrose Hill. Both John French.

Old Hill, Holy Trinity. Link. Wesleyan Methodist Church, soon to be demolished. Both John French.
Oldbury, Zion Chapel on Warley Road. John French.

Quarry Bank, Christ Church. SO 929 861. Roy Graham.

Shirley. Previously in the unknown section. This has been identified (thanks to John Clements) as St. James the Great. There are some small differences between the postcard and the photo on the church website (see the tower pinnacles, for example), but there are enough similarities to make the identification certain. From an old postcard (franked 1905), Bulman Collection.

Tipton, St. John the Evangelist. Link. St. Mark. Both Dorothy Turley.

West Bromwich.
Wordsley, Holy Trinity. Dorothy Turley. Link.

Yardley, St. Edburgha. From an old postcard (franked 1909), Bulman Collection. Link.


22 October 2006

Steve Bulman