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Steve Bulman

Alton Barnes, St. Mary the Virgin. Roger Jones.
Amesbury, St. Mary and St. Melor. From an old postcard (franked 1905), Bulman Collection.

Biddestone, St. Nicholas. Lesley Anne Petrone.
Bishopstone, St. Mary the Virgin. John Pope.
Bremhill, St. Martin. Mark Summers.

Chippenham, St. Andrew. Mark Summers.
Christian Malford, All Saints. Mark Summers.
Corsley, St. Margaret of Antioch. 183 ST 829 467. Mark Summers.
Corston, All Saints. Bill Henderson.
Coulston, St. Thomas Becket. Elizabeth Nash.

Durrington, All Saints. From an old postcard, Bulman Collection. Link.

Edington, the Priory Church, dedicated to St. Mary, St. Katherine and All the Saints. Margaret Woodley. Link.
Erlestoke, Holy Saviour. Elizabeth Nash. Link.

Hinton Parva, previously known as Little Hinton, St. Swithin. John Pope.
Holt, St. Katherine. Mark Summers.

Lacock, St. Cyriac. 173 ST 917 885. Aidan Thomson. Link. Cemetery Chapel. 173 ST 914 883. Steve Bulman.
Leigh Delamere, St. Margaret. Originally in the "Unknown" section, thanks to Michael Royalton-Kisch for identifying this church. From an old postcard, Bulman Collection. Link.
Liddington, Holy Cross. John Pope.
Little Hinton - see Hinton Parva, above.
Long Burton, St. James. Roger Jones.

Marlborough, the College Chapel. From an old postcard, Bulman Collection. Link.
Mere, St. Michael the Archangel. St. Mary (R.C.). U.R.C. All Bill Henderson.

Purton, St. Mary. Another view. Both Malcolm Rigg.

Seend, Church of the Holy Cross. Mark Summers.
Shrewton, St. Mary. From an old postcard, Bulman Collection. Link.

Tisbury, St. John the Baptist, burial place of Rudyard Kipling's parents. ST 944 290. Church of the Sacred Heart (R.C.). ST 945 292. Methodist Church. ST 943 294. All Andrew Ross.

West Lavington, All Saints. Elizabeth Nash. Link.
Westbury, All Saints. Andrew Ross.
Wilton, St. Mary & St. Nicholas. Mark Summers. An old postcard view (postcard franked 1904), Bulman Collection. Link. The ruins of the old church of St. Mary. Mark Summers.
Wyle, St. Mary the Virgin. Bill Henderson.


22 October 2006

Steve Bulman