Images of Cumbria

These photos from West Cumberland are all from an old family album, loaned to Malcolm Bland from another branch of the family, and from family history evidence they must pre-date 1884, when the family left the area.


The following are all of ships, believed to be at Harrington.

  • The figurehead on this photo bears a remarkable resemblance to Abraham Lincoln. The ships name is "John Gambles".
  • A gathering on board deck - top hats and bonnets  de rigeur!
  • A three-master in the harbour, with another one behind.
  • Another chance to show off "Sunday best" at the ships wheel.
  • A crowd in dry dock - just before launch?
  • Looking rather less grand, are these the ship builders?

If you can add anything to the stories shown here, please let me know and I'll pass it on to Malcolm.



19 June 2015


Steve Bulman