Morpeth Ward - West Division

Nether Witton Parochial Chapelry

  This Chapelry comprises the townships of Coat Yards, Ewesley, Healey and Comb Hill, Nether Witton, Nunnykirk, Ritton, and Colt Park, and Ritton White House. It is bounded by the parishes of Rothbury, Long Horsley, and Hartburn, to the latter of which it is annexed for ecclesiastical purposes, and consists chiefly of a fine rich vale, which comprises an area of 7,723 acres. Its population in 1801, was 494; in 1811, 439; in 1821, 460; in 1831, 520; in 1841, 464; and in 1851, 489 souls.

coat yards is a township situated eleven miles north-west by west of Morpeth. It contains 235 acres, and its rateable value is 140. The number of inhabitants in 1801, was 20; in 1811, 15; in 1821, 14; in 1831, 20; in 1841, 20; and in 1851, 6 souls. The principal resident is Jacob Aynsley, farmer.

ewesley township is about eleven miles W.N.W. of Morpeth, and comprises an area of 932 acres, the property of William Ord, Esq. Its rateable value is 435. Population in 1801, 39; in 1811, 31; in 1821, 26; in 1831, 22: in 1841, 20; and in 1851, 18 souls. This township is occupied by Jacob Aynsley, farmer.

healey and comb hill form a township ten and a half miles W.N.W. of Morpeth, and contain 866 acres of land, the rateable value of which is 315 10s. The number of inhabitants in 1801, was 37; in 1811, 34; in 1821, 43; in 1831, 44; in 1841, 36; and in 1851, 31 souls. The principal residents are Mary Anderson, farmer and miller, Healey Mill; Ralph Dodds, shoemaker, Healey Green; Ann and Thomas Hall, farmers. Healey; and John Thompson, farmer, Healey North Farm.

nether witton is a township and village in the chapelry of the same name, the property of R. Trevelyan, Esq. The territorial extent, of the township is 3,914 acres, and its rateable value 1,707. Its population in 1801, was 309; in 1811, 277; in 1821, 277; in 1831, 329; in 1841, 295; and in 1851, 303 souls. The manor was formerly the property of the celebrated Roger Thornton, who dying in 1429, was succeeded by his son, Sir Roger Thornton, whose only daughter and heiress having espoused Lord Lumley, of Lumley Castle, transferred the estate to that family. We find it again the property of the Thorntons from 1552 till the demise of James Thornton, Esq,, whose two daughters and co-heiresses were espoused by Walter Trevelyan. Esq., and one of the Witham family, but it is now the property of the proprietor above-mentioned.

the village of Nether Witton is situated eight miles W.N.W. of Morpeth.

the chapel is a neat structure dedicated to St. Giles, and its register commences in 1696. The living is in the patronage of the vicar of Hartburn; incumbent, the Rev. Richard Wearing. nether witton hall, the seat of R. Trevelyan, Esq., is a fine freestone edifice, occupying a pleasant situation north of the village.

charity. - Cuthbert Fenwick, of Coat Yards, gave to the chapelry of Nether Witton, the sum of ten shillings per annum towards the education of poor children for ever. At the time of the Charity Commissioners' report this was not paid.

Nunny Kirk township is situated two miles N.N.W. of Nether Whitton, and contains 111 acres, the property of Charles William Ord, Esq. The rateable value is 120, and the number of inhabitants in 1801, was 7; in 1811, 8; in 1821, 13; in 1831, 16; in 1841, 17; and in 1851, 24 souls. nunnykirk hall, the seat and property of C. W. Ord, Esq. is a magnificent stone building, situated in a romantic vale, embowered in wood, and enlivened by the meandering streams of the Font.

ritton colt park is a township ten miles north-west by west of Morpeth. Its area is 1,029 acres, and its rateable value 713 0s. Population in 1801, 52; in 1811, 56; in 1821, 64; in 1831, 58; in 1841, 50; and in 1851, 88 souls. R. Trevelyan, Esq. is the proprietor. The principal inhabitants are Isabella Jackson, vict. Three Half Moons; James Temple, colliery owner, shopkeeper, and draper (Temple and Hedley), Birkhead Moor; Andrew Tate, farmer, Ritton.

ritton white house is a township situated twelve and a half miles north-west by north of Morpeth, and the property of R. Trevelyan, Esq. It contains 636 acres, and its rateable value is 371 13s. The number of its inhabitants in 1801, was 30; in 1811, 18; in 1821, 23; in 1831, 31; in 1841, 26; and in 1851, 19 souls. Mary and William Potts, farmers, are the principal residents.



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