Northumberland Parishes



This list of the parishes of Northumberland is derived from Mannix's "History of Northumberland", published in 1855. The descriptions, which the links connect to, have largely been transcribed word for word, retaining old-fashioned spellings and idiom. Changes to the text, for example interpolations from other parts of the book, or omissions from the text, e.g. long lists of charities, are noted at the end of each description. Comments on the text from myself are indicated by superscript numerals. Internal references (e.g. "see page 65") have usually been omitted or replaced with links. Any footnotes (indicated by * or † for example), are from the original text.

In the original directory, each parish section includes a list of the prominent persons residing there, generally confined to farmers, business people, and the gentry. I do not intend to transcribe these in the short term, but may do so at a later date.



Castle Ward - East Division

All Saints, comprising of All Saints, Byker and Heaton.

Cramlington Parochial Chapelry.

Earsdon, comprising of Backworth, Blyth and Newsham, Burradon, Hartley, Holywell, Seaton Delaval, and Sighill.

Gosforth, comprising East Brunton, West Brunton, Coxlodge, Fawdon, North Gosforth, South Gosforth, and East and West Kenton.

Horton Parochial Chapelry, comprising of Bebside, Cowpen, Hartford East, Hartford West, and Horton.

Long Benton, comprising of Killingworth, Long Benton, Walker, and Weetslade.

St. Andrew's, comprising of Fenham, Jesmond, St. Andrew, and the Parochial Chapelry of Cramlington.

Tynemouth, comprising of Chirton, Cullercoats, Murton or Moortown, North Shields, Preston, Tynemouth, and Whitley.

Wallsend, comprising of Howden Pans, Wallsend, and Willington.

Castle Ward - West Division

Dinnington, comprising of Brenkley, Dinnington, Horton Grange, Mason, Prestwick, and Woolsington.


Newburn, comprising of Black Callerton, Butterlaw, Dalton, East Denton, West Denton, North Dissington, South Dissington, Newbiggin, Newburn, Newburn Hall, Sugley, Throckley, Walbottle, and Whorlton East and West.

Ponteland, comprising of Berwick Hill, Callerton (High), Callerton (Little), Caldcoats, Darras Hill, Higham Dykes, Kirkley, Milburn, Milburn Grange, and Ponteland.

St. John, comprising of  Benwell, Elswick, St. John, and Westgate.

Stannington, comprising of Bellasis-with-Boghall, Blagdon-with-Milkhope, Clifton-with-Caldwell, Duddoes-with-Whinney Hill, Plessy-with-Shotton, Saltwick, Stannington, and Stannington Vale.

Whalton, comprising of Newham, Ogle, Riplington, and Whalton.


Bambrough Ward - North Division

Bambrough, comprising of Adderstone, Bambrough, Bambrough Castle, Beadnell, Bradford, Budle, Burton, Elford, Fleetham, Hoppen, Lucker, Mousen, Newham, Newstead, North Sunderland, North Sunderland Sea Houses, Outchester, Shoreston, Swinhoe, Tuggall or Tughall, and Warrenford.

Belford, comprising of Belford, Detchant, Easington Grange, Elwick, Middleton, and Ross.

Bambrough Ward - South Division

Ellingham, comprising of Charlton North, Charlton South, Chathill, Doxford, Ellingham, and Preston.

Embleton, comprising of Broxfield, Brunton High and Low, Craster, Dunston, Embleton, Falloden, Newton by the Sea, and Stamford.


Lesbury, comprising of Alnmouth, Bilton, and Lesbury.

Long Houghton, comprising of Boulmer with Seaton House, Little Houghton, and Long Houghton.

Coquetdale Ward- East Division

Alnwick, comprising of Alnwick, Alnwick South Side, Abbey Lands, Canongate, Denwick, and Hulne Park.

Brinkburn Parochial Chapelry, comprising of Brinkburn High WardBrinkburn Low Ward, and Brinkburn South Side.

Felton, comprising of Acton and Old Felton, Bockenfield, Elyhaugh, Eshott, Felton, Greens and Glantlees, Swarland, and Thirston East and West with Shothaugh.

Long Framlington Parochial Chapelry.

Shilbottle, comprising of Guyzance, Hazon, Newton-on-the-Moor, Shilbottle, Whittle, and Woodhouse.

Coquetdale Ward- West Division

Alwinton, comprising of Alwinton, Biddleston, Burrowden, Clennell, Fairhaugh, Farnham, Linbriggs, North Netherton, South Netherton, Peals, and Sharperton.

Holystone Parochial Chapelry, comprising of Barrow, Dueshill, Holystone, Harbottle, Linsheeles.

Rothbury, comprising of Bickerton, Caistron, Cartington, Debdon, Fallowlees, Flotterton, Hepple, Hepple Demesne, Hesley Hurst, Hollinghill, Lee Ward, Mount Healy, Newton, Paperhaugh, Raw, Rothbury, Snitter, Thropton, Tosson (Great) and Ryehill, Tosson (Little), Trewhitt, Warton, Whitton, and Wreighill.

Coquetdale Ward- North Division

Alnham, comprising of Alnham, Prendwick, Screnwood, and Unthank.

Edlingham, comprising of Abberwick, Bolton, Broom Park, Edlingham, Learchild, and Lemmington.

Eglingham, comprising of Bassington, Beanley, Bewick (New), Bewick (Old), Brandon, Branton, Crawley, Ditchburn (East and West), Eglingham, Harehope or Hareup, Hedgeley, Lilburn (East), Lilburn (West), Shipley, Titlington, and Woolperton.

Ilderton, comprising of Ilderton, Middleton Hall, Middleton North, Middleton South, Roddam, and Rosedon.

Ingram, comprising of (1) Fawdon, Clinch, and Hartside, (2) Ingram, Linop, and Greenshaw Hill, and (3) Reavealey.

Whittingham, comprising of Callaley with Yetlington, Glanton, Lorbottle, Ryle, Little Shawdon, and Whittingham.

Coquetdale Ward- South Division

Elsdon, comprising of Elsdon Ward, Monkridge Ward, Otterburn Ward, Rochester Ward, Troughend Ward, and Woodside Ward.

Glendale Ward- East Division

Chatton, comprising of Chatton, Fowberry, Hazelrig, Helton, Hetton House, Horton, Lyham, and Weetwood.

Chillingham, comprising of Chillingham, Hebburn, and Newton.

Doddington, comprising of Doddington, Earle, Ewart, Humbleton, and Nesbit.

Lowick, comprising of Barmoor, Bowsdon, Holborn, and Lowick.

Wooler Town and Parish.


Glendale Ward- West Division


Carham, comprising of Carham, Downham, Haff, East and West Learmouth, Mindrum, Moneylaws, Presson, Shidlaw, Tithehill, Wark, and Wark Common.

Ford, comprising of Etal, Ford, and Pallinsburn.

Kirk Newton, comprising of Akeld, Coldsmouth and Thompson's Walls, Coupland, Crookhouse, Grey's Forest, Heathpool, Howtell, Kilham, Kirk Newton, Lanton, Milfield, Newton West, Paston, Selby's Forest, and Yeavering.

Morpeth Ward- East Division

Bothal, comprising of Ashington and Sheepwash, Bothal Demesne, Longhirst, Oldmoor, and Pegsworth.

Ulgham Parochial Chapelry, comprising of Ulgham, Ulgham Grange, and Stobswood.

Warkworth, comprising of Acklington, Acklington Park, Amble, Birling, Brotherwick, Bullock's Hall, Buston (High), Buston (Low), Chevington, Chevington West, Gloster Hill, Hadstone, Hauxley, Morrick or Morwick, Sturton Grange, Togstone, Walkmill, and Warkworth.

Widdrington Parochial Chapelry, comprising of Widdrington, Dunridge, and Linton.

Woodhorn, comprising of Newbiggin, Cresswell, Ellington, Hurst, Linmouth, North Seaton, Woodhorn, and Woodhorn Demesne.

Morpeth Ward- West Division

Bolam, comprising of Trewick, Bolam, Bolam Vicarage, Galiow Hill, Belsay, Bradford, Harnham, and Shortflatt.

Hartburn, comprising of Angerton (High), Angerton (Low), Cambo, Corridge, Deanham, Fairnley, Green Leighton, Hartburn, Hartburn Grange, Hartington, Hartington Hall, Harwood, Longwhitton, Middleton (North), Middleton (South), Rothley, Shaftoe (East), Shaftoe (West), Thornton (East), Thornton (West), Todridge, Wallington, and Whitridge.

Hebron Parochial Chapelry, comprising of Causey Park, Cockle Park, Earsdon, Earsdon Forest, Fenrother, Hebron and Shield Hill, and Tritlington.

Long Horsley, comprising of Bigge's or Carlisle's Quarter, Freeholders' Quarter, Longshaws, Riddell's Quarter, Stanton, Wingates, and Witton Shields.

Mitford, comprising of Benridge, Edington, High and Low Highlaws, Mitfrod, Molesdon, Newton Park, Newton Underwood, Ninriding, Pigdon, Spittle Hill, and Throphill.

Morpeth, comprising of Buller's Green, Hepscott, Morpeth, Morpeth Castle, Newminster Abbey, Shilvington, Tranwell and High Church, and Twizell.

Nether Witton Parochial Chapelry, comprising of Coat Yards, Ewesley, Healey and Comb Hill, Nether Witton, Nunnykirk, Ritton[, and] Colt Park, and Ritton White House.

Tindale Ward - East Division

Bywell St. Andrew's, comprising of Beal, Broomhaugh, Riding, Stocksfield Hall, and Styford.

Bywell St. Peter's, comprising of East Acomb, Apperley, Broomley, Bywell St. Andrew and St. Peter, Espershields with Millshields, High Fotherly, Healy, Newlands, Newton, Newton Hall, Stelling, and the chapelry of Whittonstall.

Corbridge, comprising of Aydon, Aydon Castle, Clarewood, Corbridge, Dilston, Halton, Halton Shields, Thornborough, Whittington Great, and Whittington Little.

Heddon-on-the Wall, comprising of Eachwick, Heddon (East), Heddon-on-the Wall, Heddon (West), Houghton and Closehouse, and Whitchester.

Ovingham, comprising of Dukeshagg, Eltringham, Harlow-hill, Hedley, Hedley-Woodside, Horsley, Mickley, Nafferton, Ovingham, Ovington, Prudhoe, Prudhoe Castle, Rouchester, Spittle, Welton, Whittle, and Wylam.

Shotley, comprising of the chapelry of Blanchland, Newbiggin, and Shotley.


Tindale Ward - North-East Division

Birtley Parochial Chapelry, comprising of Broomhope with Buteland.

Chollerton, comprising of Barrasford, Chollerton, Colwell and Swinburn, and Gunnerton and Chipchace.


Kirkharle, comprising of Harle (Little), Harle (West), and Kirkharle.

Kirk-Heaton Extra-Parochial Chapelry.

Kirk Whelpington, comprising of Bavington (Great), Capheaton, Catcherside, Coldwell, Crogdean, Fawns, Hawick, Kirk Whelpington, and Whelpington (West).

Stamfordham, comprising of Bitchfield, Black-Heddon, Cheeseburn Grange, Fenwick, Hawkwell, Heugh, Ingoe, Kearsley, Matfen (East), Matfen (West), Nesbit, Ouston, Ryal, and Wallridge.

Thockrington, comprising of Bavington Little, Carrycoats, Sweethope, and Thockrington.

Tindale Ward - South Division


Allendale, comprising of Allendale, Broadside, Catton, High Forest, Low Forest, Keenley, Park, West Allen (High), and West Allen (Low).

Hexham, comprising of Hexham, High Quarter, Low Quarter, Middle Quarter, and West Quarter.

St. John Lee, comprising of Acomb (West), Anick, Anicj Grange, Bingfield, Cocklaw, Fallowfield, Hallington, Portgate, Sandhoe, and Wall.

Black Carts and Ryehill Extra-Parochial Chapelry, comprising of Plawshets, and Wellhaugh.

Greystead, comprising of Chirdon, and Smalesmouth.

Simonburn, comprising of  Humshaugh, Haughton, and Simonburn.

Thorneyburn, comprising of West Tarset, and Thorneyburn.


Haydon Parochial Chapelry, comprising of Brokenheugh, Deanraw, Ellerington, and Lipwood.

Newbrough Parochial Chapelry.

Wark, comprising of Shitlington (High) Quarter, Shitlington (Low) Quarter, Wark, and Warksburn.

Tindale Ward - West Division

Haltwhistle, comprising of Bellister, Blenkinsopp, Coanwood (East), Featherstone, Haltwhistle, Hartley Burn, Henshaw, Melkridge, Plainmeller, Ridley, Thirlwall, Thorngrafton, and Wall Town.


Knaresdale, comprising of Eals, Burn Stones, Slaggyford, Town Green, and Williamston.

Lambley, comprising of Lambley and Asholme.


Bedlingtonshire, comprising of Bedlington, Camboise, Choppington, Netherton, Sleekburn (East), Sleekburn (West).


Ancroft Parochial Chapelry, comprising of Ancroft, Cheswick, Haggerston, and Scremerston.

Holy Island, comprising of Holy Island, Fenham, and Goswick.

Kyloe Parochial Chapelry, comprising of Beal with Lowlin, Berrington, Buckton, Fenwick, and Kyloe.

Tweedmoth Parochial Chapelry, comprising of Ord, Spittal, and Tweedmouth.


Norham, or Norhamshire, comprising of Cornhill, Duddo, Felkington, Grindon, Horncliffe, Loan-end, Longridge, Norham, Norham Mains, Shoreswood, Thornton, and Twizell.




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