History and Description [Introduction].

The Old Town - The Quays, Chares, and Stairs.

The Upper Town - North, East and West.

The Central Town - Mr. Grainger's Structures.

Early History.

Extinct Monastic Edifices.

Fortification, &c.


Churches and Chapels Not Connected with the Established Church.

Public Schools.

Hospitals and Almshouses.

Benevolent Societies and Institutions.

Public Civil Buildings.

Literary and Scientific Societies, &c.

Commerce and manufactures, &c.

Corporation, &c.

Borough of Newcastle - Corporation in 1854-5, and M.P.'s - omitted.

General Charities of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Parochial Charities.



William Whellan & Co., History of Northumberland, 1855



10 March 2008


Parish Listing

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