Following on from my Cumbria website, it seemed logical to extend the concept to the county I know next-best - Northumberland.

Initially, I'll be limiting the site to the transcription of the parish descriptions from William Whellan & Co., History of Northumberland, 1855, but may extend it in a similar manner to the Cumbrian site at a later date.

As with my other websites, comments and constructive criticism are welcome - my e-mail address is at the bottom of every page.

Parish Listing.

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Corbridge Parish.

Heddon-on-the-Wall Parish.

Ovingham Parish.

Morpeth Parish (completed).

Nether Witton Parochial Chapelry.

Bywell St. Andrew's Parish.

Bywell St. Peter's Parish.

Mitford Parish.

Morpeth Parish (part).
Long Horsley Parish. Hebron Parochial Chapelry. Hartburn Parish. Bolam Parish. Woodhorn Parish. Warkworth Parish.

Widdrington Parochial Chapelry.

Kirk Newton Parish.

Bothal Parish.

Ulgham Parochial Chapelry.

Wooler Town and Parish.

Branxton Parish.

Carham Parish.

Ford Parish.

Chatton Parish.

Chillingham Parish.

Doddington Parish.

Lowick Parish.


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04 February 2015

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