The Vale of Lyvennet

Its Picturesque Peeps and Legendary Lore

By John Salkeld Bland


Wicker Street.

Earthworks - The Sites of Ancient British Villages.

Ancient Burying Places.

Relics of The Stone Age.

A Retrospect.

Manor of Crosby Ravensworth.

The Park.

Crosby Ravensworth.

Crosby Church.

Crosby Hall.

Manor of Maulds Meaburn.

Maulds Meaburn Hall.

Craik Trees.

Gaythorn Manor.

Manor of Reagill.

Reagill Grange.



The Vale of Lyvennet, Its Picturesque Peeps and Legendary Lore, By John Salkeld Bland, 1910.


This is the first of what is intended to be a series of transcriptions of documents, pamphlets and books on Cumberland and Westmorland. They have been collected by Sarah Reveley, who asked me if I would host them. Many have been available elsewhere on the internet, usually on the GENUKI Cumberland List, but a permanent home was required, and I gladly agreed. This particular book was originally transcribed by Diane Coppard and Kate Burns, and their work is reproduced here with their permission.

19 June 2015.


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