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This site has been developed following contact with people world-wide who share my interest in family history, and want to learn more about the place their ancestors called home. In these pages can be found descriptions of Cumberland parishes from a directory dated 1847, photographs from across the county, both modern and from bygone days, stories of Cumbrian life, maps, biographies of Cumbria's famous and infamous sons, and other material from various sources. Where I have quoted from another source (the directory for example), I have done so in the belief that it is out of copyright.

I'd like to include more old photographs of Cumbrian life, not only showing buildings and landscape, but also of people going about their daily lives. If you have any photographs of this nature, and would be willing to share them, contact me via the e-mail address given below.

The copyright of all photographs remains with the photographer. If anyone wants to use one of the images for any purpose whatsoever, they should contact me first at the address given below, and I will attempt to put you in touch with the copyright owner.

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Updated the Carlisle pubs page. Worthies added - Abraham Acton, Kevin Beattie, Clement Ellis, William Fox, James Metcalfe, James Hervey Price, Musgrave Lewthwaite Watson, Francis Derwent Wood. Photo of a corner shop in Ulverston added.

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Tom Iredale added to Worthies. W.J. Blacklock added to Worthies. Sheila Fell, John Benson, Norman NicholsonThomas Ismay, Stan Laurel, M.E. Nutter and W.H. Nutter all added to Worthies.


John Wilkinson (Ironmaster) added to Worthies.

School Inspector's Report for Dean Free Grammar School, ca. 1864.

School Inspector's Report for Cockermouth School at Brigham, ca. 1867.

Transcribed by Paul Haslam.



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