Cumberland and Westmorland Parishes

  > This list of the parishes of Cumberland is derived from Mannix & Whellan's "History, Gazetteer and Directory of Cumberland", published in 1847; that for Westmorland is from Mannex & Co.'s "History, Topography and Directory of Westmorland", published in 1851. The descriptions, which the links connect to, have largely been transcribed word for word, retaining old-fashioned spellings and idiom. Changes to the text, for example interpolations from other parts of the book, or omissions from the text, e.g. long lists of charities, are noted at the end of each description. Comments on the text from myself are indicated by superscript numerals. Internal references (e.g. "see page 65") have usually been omitted or replaced with links. Any footnotes (indicated by * or † for example), are from the original text, and the errata have been written into the text.

In the original Cumberland directory, each parish section includes a list of the prominent persons residing there, generally confined to farmers, business people, and the gentry. Roland Grigg has performed a valuable service to researchers by extracting all of the names, professions and residences of the people listed in Mannix and Whellan, and arranging them alphabetically. He has also done this for several other directories from different dates. His lists can be found here.

Descriptions of the majority of ecclesiastical and civil parishes from Bulmer's "History & Directory of Cumberland," published in 1901 are available here.


Cumberland Ward, comprising of Carlisle and surrounding villages.

Leath Ward, comprising of Penrith and surrounding villages.

Allerdale Ward, above Derwent, comprising of Whitehaven, Workington and surrounding towns and villages.

Allerdale Ward, below Derwent, comprising of Aspatria, Wigton, Caldbeck and surrounding villages.

Derwent Ward, comprising of Cockermouth, Keswick, Maryport and surrounding villages.

Eskdale Ward, comprising of Brampton and surrounding villages.

Inglewood Forest, not a parish, but an important area in north Cumberland, particularly in regard to the part it played as the setting for several ballads.

The Roman Wall, - a description of Hadrian's Wall, which, though seriously flawed in the light of 150 years of continuous historical research, and the efforts of archaeologists, nevertheless makes entertaining reading.

Antiquities of the Lake District - a short description of the stone circles, castles and religious houses of the county.



East Ward.

West Ward.

Kendal Ward.

Lonsdale Ward.

Furness and Cartmel, in Lancashire.


Cumberland Ward


Bowness, including Port Carlisle, Anthorn, Cardurnock, Longcroft, Easton, Glasson, Drumburgh, Fingland and Whitrigg.

Burgh-Upon-Sands, including Boustead Hill, Long Burgh and Moorhouse.

Carlisle index.

Crosby-Upon-Eden, including Low Crosby, Brunstock, High Crosby and Walby.

Dalston, including Buckhowbank, Cumdevock, Gatesgill, Raughton, Hawkesdale, and Ivegill or High Head.



Kirk Andrews Upon Eden.

Kirk Bampton, including Little Bampton and Oughterby.

Orton, including Great Orton and Baldwin Holme.


Stanwix, including Cargo, Etterby, Houghton, Linstock and Rickerby.

Warwick, including Aglionby.

Wetheral, including Great Corby, Warwick Bridge, Cumwhinton, Coathill and Scotby.


Leath Ward

Addingham, including Gamblesby, Glassonby, Hunsonby, Maughamby, Winskill, Roberby and Little Salkeld.


Alston, including Garrigill and Nenthead.

Castle Sowerby, including Bustabeck, How-Bound, Sowerby Row, Southernby Bound, Stockdalewath and Raughton Head.

Croglin, including Newbiggin.

Dacre, including Great Blencow, Newbiggin, Soulby and Stainton.


Great Salkeld.

Greystoke, including Berrier, Murrah, Little Blencow, Bowscale, Hutton John, Hutton Roof, Scales, Hutton Soil, Johnby, Matterdale, Dockwray, Motherby, Gill, Mungrisedale, Threlkeld and Watermillock.

Hesket-In-The-Forest, including High Hesket, Nether Hesket, Aiket Gate, Armathwaite, Calthwaite, Itonfield, Petterill Crooks and Plumpton. Street

Hutton-In-The-Forest, including Hutton End and Thomas Close.

Kirkland, including Blencarn, Culgaith and Skirwith.

Kirkoswald, including Staffield.


Lazonby, including Plumpton Wall and Salkeld Gate.


Newton-Reigny, including Catterlen.


Penrith, including Carleton, Eamont Bridge and Plumpton Head.


Skelton, including Lamonby and Unthank.


Allerdale Ward, Above Derwent

Arlecdon, including High Frisington, Low Frisington and Whillimoor.







Gosforth, including High Bolton and Low Bolton.

Hale, or Haile, including Wilton.


Irton, including Santon, Santon Bridge and Melthwaite.

Lamplugh, including Murton and Winder.

Millom, including Birker, Austhwaite, Haverigg, Kirksanton, Thwaites and Ulpha.

Moresby, including Parton.

Muncaster, including Birkby and Ravenglass.


St. Bees, including Ennerdale, Kenneyside, Eskdale, Wasdale Head, Hensingham, Braystones, Nethertown, Middletown, Coulderton, Nether Wasdale, Rottington, Sandwith, Weddicar and Whitehaven.

Saint Bridget Beckermet, including Calder Bridge, Great Beckermet and Sella Field.

Saint John Beckermet, including Beckermet.

Salter and Eskatt.

Waberthwaite, including Newbiggin.

Whicham, including Sylecroft.

Whitbeck, including Newton and Annaside.

Whitehaven - see St. Bees, above.

Workington, including Great Clifton, Little Clifton, Stainburn and Winscales.


Allerdale Ward, below Derwent

Abbey Holme - see Holme Cultram, below.

Aikton, including Biglands, Gamblesby, Wampool and Wiggonby.

Allhallows, including Baggraw.

Aspatria, including Hayton, Oughterside and Allerby.

Bolton, including Bolton Gate, Sandale, Bolton Wood and Mealsgate.

Bromfield, including Allonby, West Newton, Blencogo, Dundraw, Langrigg and Mealrigg.

Caldbeck, including Hesket Newmarket, Haltcliff, Mosedale, Branthwaite, Fellside, Nether Row, Green Rigg, Hudscales and Ratten Row.

Holme Cultram or Abbey Holme, including Aldoth, High Laws, Angerton, Newton Arlosh, Saltcoates, Blitterlees, Calvo, Seaville, Silloth, Skinburness, Wolsty, Mawbray, Pelutho and Tarns.

Ireby, including Ruthwaite.



Thursby, including Crofton, Parton and Micklethwaite.

Torpenhow, including Bewaldeth, Snittlegarth, Blennerhasset, Kirkland, Bothel, Threapland and Whitrigg.


Westward, including Rosley, East and West Curthwaite.

Wigton, including Oulton, Waverton and Woodside.


Derwent Ward


Bridekirk, including Great Broughton, Little Broughton, Dovenby, Papcastle, Tallantire.

Brigham, including Blindbothel, Brackenthwaite, Buttermere, Cockermouth (including Eaglesfield, Embleton, Greysouthen, Lorton, Mosser, Setmurthy, Winfell and Wythop).

Cammerton, including Seaton.

Cockermouth - see Brigham, above.

Cross Canonby, including Birkby, Crosby and Maryport.

Crosthwaite, including Applethwaite, Borrowdale, Braithwaite, Castlerigg, Keswick, Millbeck, Newlands, Portinscale, St John, Thornthwaite and Wythburn.

Dean, including Branthwaite, Ullock and Pardshaw.

Dearham, including Ellenborough.



Isell or Isel, including Blindcrake, Redmain and Sunderland.

Loweswater, including Mockerkin.



Eskdale Ward

Arthuret, including Longtown, Brackenhill and Netherby.




Castle Carrock.


Cumwhitton, including Moorthwaite.


Hayton, including Little Corby, Faugh, Fenton and Talkin.

Irthington, including Laversdale, Newby and Newtown.

Kirk-Andrews-Upon-Esk, including Nichol Forest.

Kirklinton, including Hethersgill and Westlinton.

Lanercost, including Askerton, Kirk Cambeck, Burtholme, Banks, Kingwater and Waterhead.

Nether Denton.


Stapleton, including Belbank and Solport.

Upper Denton.




East Ward

Appleby parishes.

Asby, including Great Asby and Little Asby.

Brough, including Brough Sowerby, and Hillbeck or Helbeck. 

Crosby Garret, including Little Musgrave.


Great Musgrave - see Musgrave (Great) below.

Kirkby-Stephen, including Hartley, Kaber, Higher Scales, Rookby, Castlethwaite, Hanging-Lund, Outhgill, Shortgill, Southwaite, Nateby, Soulby, Waitby, and Winton.

Kirkby-Thore, including Milburn and Temple Sowerby.

Long Marton, including Knock and Close Houses.

Musgrave (Great)

Newbiggin, including Hale.

Ormside, including Great Ormside and Little Ormside.

Orton, including Bousfield, Park, Low Scales, Greenholme, High Scales, Langdale, Coatgill, Raisbeck, Sunbiggin, Coat Flatt, Kelleth, Rayne, Tebay, Ellergill, Gaisgill, Redgill, and Rounthwaite.

Ravenstonedale, including Cross-bank, Lockholm, High and Low Stennerskeugh, Bowerdale, Weasdale, Backside, Dovengill, Murthwaite, and Wandale.

Warcop, including Bleatarn, Birks, Burton, Sandford, and Coupland Beck.

West Ward

Askham, including Helton.

Bampton, including Bampton Grange, Bombey, Butterwick, and Measand.

Barton, including, Pooley Bridge, Bower-bank, Celleron, Barton Church, Upper and Nether Hartsop, Howtown, Sandwick, Sockbridge, Tirrill, Thorp, Yanwath, and Eamont Bridge.

Brougham, including Woodside.


Clifton, including High and Low Dykes.

Crosby-Ravensworth, including Gilts, Mauld's Meaburn, Witherslack, and Reagill.

Lowther, including Hackthorp, Melkinthorp, and Whale.

Morland, including Bolton, King's Meaburn, Newby, Sleagill, Great Strickland, and Thrimby.

Shap, including Egdale, Hardendale, Keld, Rosat, Tailbert, Thorn-Shap, and Rossgill.

Kendal Ward

Beetham, including Storth, Hale, Whasset, Arnside, Helslack, Slackhead, Farleton, Meathop, Ulpha, Witherslack, Foulshaw, Low Wood, and Town End.

Grasmere, including Ambleside, Waterhead, Great and Little Langdale, and Skelwith Bridge.

Heversham, including Milnthorp, Ackenthwaite, Deepthwaite, Leasgill, Rowell, Woodhouses, Bowland Bridge, Crosthwaite Church Town, Crosthwaite-green, How, Hubbersty-head, Pool-bank, Raw, Tarn-side, Hincaster, Beathwaite Green, Brigsteer (part), Leasgill (part), Sizergh Cottages, Newby Bridge, Crooklands, Birkrigg Park, Endmoor, Milton, Low Park, Sedgewick, Stainton Row, Barrows Green, Crosscrake (part), and Helm.

Kendal, including Crook Mill, Beck-houses, Chapel-houses, Brigsteer, Heights, Grassgarth, Ings, Reston, Ulthwaite, Natland, Borrans, Millholm, Rawgreen, Bridge End, Chapel Houses, Ewbank, Middleshaw, Beck Side, Mealbank, Hay, Gateside, Garth-row, Staveley, Burneside (part), Aikrigg end, Bonning-yeat, Low green hill, Plumgarths, Sparrowmire, Garnet Bridge, and Winster.

Windermere, including Bowness, Cleabarrow, Matson-Grand, Lindeth, Town end, Town head, High green, Cragg, and High fold.

Lonsdale Ward

Burton-In-Kendal, including Holmescales, Clawthorp, Holme, Gatebeck, Goose Green, Millness, and Nook.

Kirkby-Lonsdale, including Keartswick, Barbon, High and Low Beckfoot, High and Low Casterton, Hutton Roof, Newbiggin, Killington Hall, Beckside, Fellside, Hallbeck, Cow Brow, Lupton Row, Lupton Smithy, Old Town, and Middleton Head.

Furness and Cartmel, in Lancashire.

Aldingham, including Baycliffe, Newbiggin, Rossbeck, Scales, Sunbreak, Gleaston, Leece, and Dendron.

Cartmel, including Lower Allithwaite, Cartlane, Kent Bank, Lindale, Newton, Lower Holker, Flookburgh, Carke, Backbarrow (part), Beckside, Brow Edge, Staveley, Ayside, Barber Green, Seatle, and Newby Bridge.

Coulton, or Colton, including Bouth, Oxen Park, Bandrake Head, Tottlebank, Underfield, Haverthwaite, Finsthwaite, and Rusland.

Dalton, including Ireleth, Lindale, Marton, Hawcoat, Barrow, Newbarns, Salthouse, Cocken, Bigger, North Scales, Rampside, Newton, Little Mill, Peasholm, Roos, Roos Coat, and Stank.

Hawkshead, including Claife, Colthouse, Near Sawrey, Far Sawrey, Wray, Extra Sawrey, Hollingbank, Park, Skelwith Fold, Waterhead, Satterthwaite, Cunsey, Dale Park, Force Forge, Grisdale, and Low Graythwaite.

Kirkby-Ireleth, including Beckside, Sandside, Soutergate, Broughton, Dunnerdale, Seathwaite, Chapels, Dovebank, Doveford, Grizebeck, Beanthwaite, and Bolton Ground.


Ulverston, including Dragley Beck, Plumpton, Outcast, Watergate, Arrad Foot, Beckside, Greenodd, Newland, Penny Bridge, Spark Bridge, Scaithwaite, Lowick Bridge, Lowick Green, part of Nettleslack, Broughton Beck, Hollowmire, Nether-houses, Newbiggin, Goathwaite and Torver.

Urswick, including Great or Much Urswick, Agarley, Stainton and  Bardsea.



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